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    • Pork Kilawin
        Ingredients: ½ kl pork (face part) ½ kl pork liempo 1 ½ cup vinegar 3 tbsp soy sauce 6 medium sized tomatoes (chopped) 4 pcs chili long (green) 3 pcs chili (red) 2 tbsp. ginger (chopped) 3 large onion (red onion), chopped 1 cup cucumber…
    • Tofu and Beans
      Tofu and Beans Ingredients3 pcs Firm Tofu, diced 10 -15 pcs Green Beans (Baguio Beans), chopped 1/8 cup Soy Sauce 1 tbsp Brown Sugar Water 1 tbsp Flour 1 tbsp Oyster Sauce Vegetable oil for frying Sesame Seeds (optional) Salt and PepperInstructionsToast sesame seeds in a…
    • Adobong Pusit
      Adobong pusit is a squid dish cooked with the squid’s ink,  making the sauce black in color.  This dish is similar to a Spanish squid dish that also uses the squid’s black ink to make the sauce, so it may have been brought to the Philippines…
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    • When Nurses Cry
      The viral picture of a doctor grieving after a patient died resonated with me. It has struck a chord in every other person who works in the medical field. A poignant image that happens all the time, it is replicated in the privacy of the staff lounges, in the restrooms, in the offices, anywhere nurses […]
    • Summer Skin Tips and Tricks
      Top 5 for SUMMER – Skincare tips for the summer It’s summertime! The most awaited part of the year for children and students! Summer means […]
    • No! Don’t take that shoe off!
      No! Don’t take that shoe off! Going barefoot outside when playing is fairly common among kids, and sometimes even those who are kids at heart […]