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The Definitely Filipino Blog provides an online platform to express your opinion, regardless of who you are, affiliation, gender, or sexual orientation.  Articles published on the site can be in the form of a blog, a story, a picture, a commentary.  Therefore, in every sense of the word, it is not a ‘news site’, but a ‘community blog’, where contributing authors come together to express themselves.


We have been serving the online Filipino community since July 2009, but have not, and will not support or tolerate ‘fake news’ on our blog.  ‘Fake news’ lays claim to the truth without any factual basis, bears false witness, impedes, destroys life or property of innocent individuals, and destroys our country.  However, this can go both ways since a person or organization who accuses someone, or a particular organization of spreading ‘fake news’ without factual information to support this claim, is also spreading ‘fake news’, and is equally guilty as sin. 


Since 2009, Definitely Filipino, as an organization has endeavored to promote what is truly Filipino – 


— Our malasakit through the campaigns launched for outreach missions and medical funding for sick kids, 


— Our love for Family through the Definitely Filipino “NOON at NGAYON” photo sharing which had a successful run,


— Our features promoting awareness, Filipino culture and geography,


— Our support for disadvantaged children via our very own, and very successful “DF Iskolars” program, which matches out-of-school children with sponsors so they can go back to school and finish their studies.


Definitely Filipino continues to be TRUE to over 4.4M Filipinos and Filipinos at heart who have loyally followed us over the years, and will continue serving the online Filipino community for years to come.


The best ‘fake news’ blocker/detector is right between our ears.  Let’s all use it. We don’t need  anyone, a computer application, or the church to tell us what’s ‘fake news’ or not.

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