Youth in Election; An Instrument

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Illiteracy, poverty, humanitarian conflicts. These are all product of unscrupulous governance. Driven by corrupt politicians, and strangers to people that abuse their duty to tax.

Emerging from one organized event that commenced them all, a movement that can either aggravate downfall aforementioned above or bolster a nation – the elections; where citizens are granted to bet and support as well as the right to vote a candidate.

However, young people are not illegible to do so, but then again as a member of a democratic country affected by its system, the right to critic, bet and support an aspirant is upright for the youth knowing it is within his/her capability.

Few would say that the youth’s capability to change the world they live in is more impossible than drowning a fish. But as someone who accepts to be taught by mentors, eager for knowledge and to earn discoveries; as someone who allows to be polished, a youth is capable for change. A change by the way we treat election might be. Helping the voters decide on who to vote and advocating transparency in the conduct of election. To do these, here are significant duties at hand of the youth: (1) Disseminate information helpful to voters (2) Voice out well-founded opinions (3) Support the campaign of a favorable candidate (4) Report tricky and mischievous deeds of a political aspirant (5) Volunteer as an agent of transparency.

Disseminating information helpful to voters is an excellent way in participating for the upcoming election. Even though young people cannot vote, that doesn’t mean they are not to care for the selection of officials, the leaders who will run the country. With trending gadgets equipped with internet, youth are able to share facts, or news newly published in social networking sites. Internet users will then be aware of an information likely to support or change their views. See, twenty-first century people are not only promoters of entertainment in the modern world but they can also make use of technology to spread truth and awareness for the betterment of anything.

Voice out well-founded opinions. As an active piece of the nation, youth are also entitled to share their views and perspectives. Having to read the background and accomplishments of candidates, surely they can deduce idea about the candidates; on who deserves best to be in position and who are not. Research and keeping updated on issues circulating on the country will attest that any concerned youth is rightful to give sound opinions that can influence a fair audience.

Support the campaign of a favorable candidate. To support someone who you know will work hard for a positive change is a close step to improvement. Improving the system of our country is what our government continuously aim even at the present and so, helping the candidate who is willing to give everything for his country is one way how youths could contribute either by willingly endorsing a candidate or joining campaign activities to help an aspiring servant.

Report tricky and mischievous deeds of a political aspirant. In times of election, there are inevitable persons who will take advantage of programs serving people. They trick in a way that they stick images of a candidate or put a large font of their name on a free product or giveaways. They fake out to be the creator or funder of a particular program which is actually created out of the taxes or funds of the citizens. These form of taking advantage to outmatch fair competitors should be reported. A youth could be a tool for that; approaching the right people or department to report an ill scene.

Volunteer as an agent of transparency. Youth can be advocators of transparency too. Volunteering in organizations like LENTE or the Legal Network for Transparent Elections is a way. These youths that are under the org are authorized to observe at the conduct of voting, they watch as voters do their duty to ensure that no discrepancy will happen. To a way of thinking, these people, though young, are already performers of good service for the nation.

With enthusiasts engaging in these actions, we are destined to achieve a government which can efficiently response to its people. Young as they are, they can be catalyst for change; an instrument for nation development. As long as young people are motivated, determined, and willing to get involve, election will be an asset for our nation’s development.

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