You’re the One! Our Whirlwind Lovestory in a Month?!

DSC00339It’s been a crazy month. I couldn’t believe how it turned out to be so perfect for both of us.

A month ago, we were just strangers. A month ago, I didn’t even know you existed. A month ago, I didn’t even know that you’re gonna like me. But here we are now! It’s been only a month, but it’s like we’ve known each other for years.

“I knew the moment I laid my eyes on you that you’re the one!”  These were your words when I asked you when did I become your girlfriend.

All women want to be treated the way you treat me. How you make me feel special when I’m with you. Those flowers that you gave me; the dinner we have at restaurants; those breakfast, lunch and dinner meals you cooked for me; how you open and close the door of your car during our dates; how you travel almost everyday from your place to mine just to see me; how you brought and introduced me to your friends; how your lovely family accepted me for who I am.

I have  always been envious every time I see sweet couples walking on the streets. I used to ask myself if I am ever going to meet the right person for me. ..

Then you came along.

The first time we met was the first  unbelievable four hours of my life; how  we talked about everything and anything. I couldn’t believe that I could feel an instant chemistry with you! My heart seem to swell at  how gentlemanly you open and close the door of your car whenever you pick me up or drop me off.   I am lost for words as to how glad I am meeting someone like you who  surprise me with restaurant dates and just previously, a mini-golf date. I felt so elated when you introduced me to your wonderful and loving family.

You may be wondering why you’re very popular on Facebook now. It’s because for the first time in my career in writing, people saw how my life changed since I met you. The cake that was made by one of our follower friends, the Facebook page of our love story and two youtube videos are  evidences that people are inspired by our story.

I guess, it’s not how long we’ve known each other, but the quality time we spend together.

Thank you for coming into my life! Thank you for the most beautiful month of knowing you!

I love you for making me feel so special; I love you for being you; I love you for proving to me that there’s someone like you who can be so romantic and real.  If this is just a dream, I hope I never wake up.

Here are the videos that my friends made for us. Have fun watching them, Sweetie! – Made by my online Mom who knew how much tears I have shed in the past and how I trust men again. – Made by one of our followers who knew how happy I am having you!

Happy monthsary, Love!  ^__^

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