You Forgot About Karma

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It is becoming strenuously distasteful watching you people after dipping your left hand inside the cookie jar, then accused each other of doing the same thing with your right.

The loot that you have tried to conceal discreetly for so long now starts to reveal itself courtesy of your own kind, no less. Tsk tsk tsk, how amusing, or rather pathetic it could be, thieves accusing thieves of theft after sharing the spoils among yourselves!

And then all you could muster is the cowardly act of standing before us and say ‘Look, I’m not the only one here?’

It is inconceivable how you fed your families with those money? How you raised your children with your pillage? How you ever lived with your plunders?

Haven’t you seen the homeless people in the streets or the hungry mouths of abandoned children that you had the nerve to build a multi-million house in a posh village at the expense of our taxes?

Haven’t you seen the plights of our lowly farmers and fishermen across the country who had to work from sunrise to sunset, rain or shine, just so that they can get a decent meal on their tables? And you defrauded them with the services they rightfully deserve even to the extent of forging their signatures!

Haven’t you seen our soldiers in Zamboanga who had to share a cupful of rice and two pieces of ‘tuyo’ between the three of them just so they can defend this country from hooligans and outlaws? Haven’t you seen their dilapidated combat shoes while you wear your designer  sneakers and tuxedos while partying with Napoles?

I really wished that you did not resort to bankrolling a rebellion just to keep our attentions away from your crime. That would be the most evil concoction you had ever come up with, should there be truth to it. And believe me, there are things worse than death or punishment worse than jail (as CDQ said).

You had enjoyed a fancy life – ate ambrosial foods, drank expensive wines, dressed extravagantly, lived in palatial houses – and mostly, or maybe even all at our expense.

I know that our cries doesn’t matter to you any longer, if not at all. And even if it did, the most you can do now is to shed tears – crocodile tears!

But that won’t last for long. Your imminent fall is looming in the distance, closer than you imagined.

It is very sad that you forgot about us, whom you promised to serve. Worse, you forgot about KARMA!

But never mind, you will soon remember it when there’s no one left to blame for what you will become.

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