Yes, the greatest gift I ever had came from God! I call him “Dad”! ^_^

Do you have a good father? A sweet one? A responsible one?

Do you have tons of memories since birth that could fill a book if you could only write about them all?

Wait, I’m not talking about having a perfect father, ok?

Just a good, wonderful, responsible, supportive, caring, funny, artist, mechanic, jack-of-all-trades,  etc etc etc who’s there for you at all times and understands your flaws and helps you cope with every challenge in your life.

I saw a list  – 10 Traits Of A Great Father –  from Ask Men and I tried to check if all applies to my Dad. Maybe applies to your dad, too!  ^_^

  • He Teaches His Children To Appreciate Things
  • He’s Open-Minded
  • He Accepts That His Kids Aren’t Exactly Like Him
  • He Spends Quality Time With His Children
  • He Leads By Example
  • He’s Supportive And Loyal
  • He Challenges His Kids
  • He Teaches His Kids Lessons  
  • He Protects His Family, No Matter What
  • He Shows Unconditional Love

On a scale of 1 to 10, yes, he’s not always a 10-pointer on each trait above. On some he is 7, 8 or 9, but never a 6 and below; definitely. As I said, he is not perfect!

But his love is!

Such that, despite him being gone for three years now, that love he has passed to us continue to grow… within our hearts!

Truth be told, he has never gone because he continues to live in each one of us, his children.

You still have that great gift around? Make sure to hug him tight and tell him how much you love him!

About Mommyjoyce

Isang simpleng nanay na adik magbasa, adik magsulat at adik sa anak! Idol ko si Mother Theresa, kaboses ako dati ni Ate Shawie Cuneta (joke); maawain sa mga madudungis, siga sa mga taong nang-aapi, at lifecoach sa mga kabataan at mga magulang na walang ibang makausap, Ang simpleng motto ko in life: Cherish everyday (not just because it could be my last); kundi kasi, bukas iba na naman ang flavor ng buhay! Kaya namnaming maigi!
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Ask Men