Writer’s Block

(Photo Credit: libbycole.wordpress.com)
(Photo Credit: libbycole.wordpress.com)
(Photo Credit: libbycole.wordpress.com)

Every writer has his/her own way of writing. Each has unique style of expressing emotions through writing as their release.

But what happens when you’re at the middle of your winning masterpiece and suddenly you just felt like, say – stuck?

With no idea flowing or going inside your mind, you just stared at your monitor or blank sheet perhaps and let the time pass you by.

This is just one of the many dreadful things that can happen to you in your writing career.

But don’t worry! Even the best of writers experience that too – so it’s not just you and me!

When experiencing the so called”writer’s block” or katamaran, we writers have our own way of coping with it.

1. Take a walk for a while. Relax, breathing is also an option. Pause for a while. Why not go outside from that four corners and take a peek on the outside world? You might see other things that would serve as an inspiration to you.

2. Read. Get those feet working and that body moving towards your mini library. Search for that book you’ve been missing to read. Flip its pages and finish where you left off. That way, you can freshen up your mind and eyes for some ample time. Let’s not think first about the unfortunate demise or the devious plan of that character of yours from your story.

3. Write. Write anything you can think of. Our brain has it’s own way of extracting those creative juices for us to get back on tracks! Write everything you can think of. You can also try to write a cock-and-bull-story Make fun of words. Have your own way of playing with them. Use puns and fallacies (lol).

That’s it. Do not be troubled when this kind of problem blocks your way. Remember that when everything else seemed insignificant or you kind of lacked the drive already, it’s the passion that will fuel your dream.

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