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Writer’s Side

Which one is more difficult to do, to write or to read? To read or to write ?

The same question applies when books come to the picture.

Are you a writer? What makes you think you are one ? Is it that difficult as waking up on a Monday morning when you felt that gravity and your bed had their most powerful effect on you?

I’m not a professional writer.
But I want to share to you how does it feel to become a writer. What you should and shouldn’t do as a writer.

1. Write to have fun and to be stress-free. Writing is supposed to be fun. It’s the party inside that sheet of paper where you can have your bottomless inks and drown yourself together with your awesome words and characters. Unlike any other clubs and bars, writing never closes. It’s always open. As long as you have the pen and paper on hand, you can pass in on through a snap. No lists, no vip’s, it’s free. No need to open up your wallet and purse. And if you’re lucky, you can actually earn from it!

Let’s get the party going!  Hey, you can go inside those bars and clubs you and your friends frequent, but correct me if I’m wrong, you always get that feeling of unbelongingness..not if your a party people, but to those others who are not,like me, I always end up sulking and eating more than I drink! Haha! But! Writers aren’t those. Because the party starts the moment your pen inked on that paper. You’re the star, the VIP, thedisc jockey. Because you own everything!

2. Know when to bleed. I think this is the perfect example of how difficult it is to write. As a writer, you have to know when is the need for you to cut yourself, to allow the blood flow dripping to your fingers to write. You don’t need to experience some kind of heart breaking, heart piercing events in order to write. But of course, experience is the best teacher, – they say. I wouldn’t want to argue with that. At the end of the day, you still need to feel some emotions so you can fuel them characters. Don’t let them be emotionless like you. You created them. You made them. You have the upper hand to kill them. Haha. Ignore the last one. But yeah, unpack those emotions perfectly.

3. Stay connected. I mean it whether figuratively or literally. Connect with your readers. They should feel the emotions you have departed to your story. If the scene was dramatic, should the readers laugh? Of course! If that reader has multiple personality order. But an attentive reader wouldn’t. He / she should feel the raw emotions you invested on the characters. Let them sympathize if the character wasn’t able to pee because somebody else’s was inside the commonal comfort room. Or let them feel the humor. And.Don’t.Forget.Sarcasms.of course! Know the perfect timing when and when not to elaborate things in order to build the right kind of feels. Readers should have the connection to your characters. Don’t name a character who has a  melancholic, silent and not-out-of-the-box personality with Barney Stinson. Readers wouldn’t like that contradiction. Melancholy and Barney Stinson are two different people from different sides of the earth. They don’t even rhyme.

4. Don’t let readers get to your nerves. Don’t allow yourself to sulk just because of what a reader has said to you. Don’t make it a big of a deal. That’s a very shallow reason for you to cry or fume. Like who do they think they are? They’re your readers. True. But your world doesn’t revolve around them.

“Don’t let them dictate to you!”

It’s a big No, No for me. In some websites  like Wattpad, you can encounter readers who might get into your nerves. Who might demand you for story updates. Who might even comment harsh words or worse, troll you. They wouldn’t understand you even you tell them countless of times over and over again that writing isn’t as easy as eating a chocolate cake. That whether they like it or not you still need to finish your thesis before friday, and your story can wait ’till next week.

Don’t write because you’re pressured. Don’t let them affect your mood. Never let them reach that thermostat of yours where it almost let you think of murdering your characters or devise an unfortunate demise on your story.

Always remember that You are responsible of your story. Don’t murder your characters because readers didn’t like the idea of the pumpkin and squash ending up together. Always bear in your mind what you had in store for your characters. You had your plot. Don’t let it be ruined just because of frustration from your readers.

5. Prepare to have a multiple personality order. When you’re about to write a story, either a one-shot or not, and in any genre, I assume you had prepared yourself mentally and emotionally already.
For writing isn’t that easy. Actually it’s also tiring.

You have to set a certain mood to write. Actually, I suggest you act bipolar for some scenes of your story! (lol) From a scene with a good humor in it to a point of being melodramatic the next. You’re not just you when you write.

Sometimes and more often actually, you write and talk as the character of your story. You think critically, what should a typical teenager react when somebody says, blah blah blah to her? Or how should a killer climb his way out of the chimney to escape? But seriously, a killer escaping out of a chimney doesn’t make sense. Don’t ever think of that.

You are also a traveler, a photographer, a teacher, a receptionist, a csr, or a moth. ( Seriously ,where did moth come from?)
Try researching everything about the background of your character. What they do, how they talk, what personality they have. That way, shifting from their different personalities from time to time would be as easy as sleeping. And when I say sleeping, I mean it literally. Because often times you’ll still think of them even you want a good night’s rest! So good luck to that!

6. Don’t expect something big.  Of course expecting isn’t a sin. But you have other things to take care of aside from writing. Being writer is not as fulfilling as you think. Set your personality as an author. Set limits and inhibitions. If you really like writing to be a career, go. Pursue it. But don’t let it eat you whole. Remember your personality when dealing with frustrations and bad vibes. Do not expect other people to take a pause from their busy life to just read your book.

I myself for example, I don’t expect things from my readers. Oh right. I don’t even know if I have one. I’m a writer in Wattpad. I don’t beg for votes or do the read-for-a-read. You know why? Because all I want is to write. To share my story to the world. I don’t care even my story don’t get votes as much as yours do. I’m already more than grateful that from time to time those figures beside that eye-like drawing below my stories increases. I’m already happy knowing that someone out there actually thought of passing by my works. But who wouldn’t want an achievement right? Popularity doesn’t happen overnight. You and I will get there too. They promise that!

There. That’s a wrap. I hope you gain something by reading the contents of this page. Hope I helped!

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