Would’ve and Goodbye

Image via Pixabay

Would’ve and Goodbye

How quickly you left

Without a word of Goodbye

There’s so many things left unsaid

That words are hard to come by

I would’ve said You’ve done well

For I believe you’ve lived your life to the fullest

Though sometimes clad in hardships

With flying colors you’ve pass life’s test

I would’ve said don’t go

For I don’t know what to do

I’m young, confuse, disorganize and lost

I need your guidance through and through

I would’ve said I’m sorry

For I failed and disappointed you a lot

I should’ve notice the time

Because time I thought we still got

I would’ve said Thank you

For everything that you’ve done and given me

Although I know it won’t be enough

For I am grateful until eternity

I would’ve said I’ll miss you

For I never knew a life without you

What would my aching heart do

When it starts to long for you

I would’ve said I love you

Even though you’ve heard it before

I’ll never get tired of telling you this

Even after you enter heavens door

Now if you really have to go

I would’ve said I’ll be fine

Atleast to ease your heart

And give you peace of mind

I would’ve hugged you one last time

And say you can now fly high

And I’ll look forward to that day

When we no longer have our “Would’ves” and “Goodbyes”


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