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When I woke up this morning thinking of what to write about, I came across a survey invitation posted on my FB news feed. The survey came from Tito Aga, a previous boss. The survey was about one’s perspective towards the BPO work life.

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It asked for the top 3 frustrations that one might have in working for this sector of the industry. I listed the following: Schedule Flexibility, Effective and Efficient Mentoring and Supervision Support, & Equal Performance Recognition Opportunities. For some BPO people, you may have to agree with me on these.

In the movie Erin Brokovich, I love the dialogue where Erin said that how can not things be personal at work when it’s her time taken away from her family. Time is gold indeed. There were occasions I remember where I have to be at work while the rest of my family celebrates those occasions. It adds to the suckiness when customers tell you over the phone that they feel bad for you because you’re working on that very special day.

I recall the story of a former office colleague and friend. It was the day before her wedding and she needed to be on duty and suckiest part of it was she needed to render one hour of overtime work, hours before she walk down the aisle. May be funny for some, but reality bites. The BPO philosophy is business means business, for this industry every nanosecond counts. At times though…but it’s just what one has signed up for.

Another frustration, I guess, is not having enough efficient mentor and supervision support. During out of office hours and after shift activities, you may share the same drinks on a banquet or feasted together at the same buffet table with your superiors, but it’s a different kind of story once you’re all in the office.

Back in the day when I was still part of a small organization, things seemed to be more focused in terms of everyday performance evaluations. The company principles were very apparent in all development stages of ones career. Then, things were shaken when the organization started growing rapidly.

Due to the influx of overflowing ideas in keeping up with the cut-throat competition and the desire to gain more profit for the next fiscal year, the basic foundations of the traditional corporate culture has been diminished, decimated, and replaced by ridiculously astronomical standards and protocols.

Under the new management, I recall reserving some defiance over my superiors because of the way of how things were being carried through. But when I widen my eyes on what was happening at the time, I realized that me and my superiors were all on the same boat. I just wished that an opportunity could have provided so that everyone could have steered in the same clear direction. A strong organization is only as strong as its weakest members.

Finally, a good work definitely deserves a pat on the back, a thumbs up, or a high five and unsung heroes sometimes deserves more. Most companies would equate excellent work with numbers to measure success. “The numbers speak for itself”, according to a phrase but “so what, these are just numbers…” countered Asian Apprentice Jonathan Yabut in defending himself in the boardroom of Mr. Tony Fernandez during the final two selection as to why he should be chosen as the apprentice when his opponent has a more impeccable number of wins over him in all assigned tasks.

Sometimes numbers also don’t live up to expectations and it’s not all about quantity all the time. It’s how one gets the job done. Everything boils down to the quality of work and the amount of passion, dedication, and perspiration that you put into your labor.

At the end of the day, it just gives you great joy to know that your hard work is appreciated and your talents are worth valued for rather than seeing yourself as just part of the statistics or just an employee number. And when you return home, you just can’t forget what your boss, your peers, and your customers told you, “Job well done…” smiling while enjoying the fruits of your hard labor.


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