Why Your Life Sucks

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Why does your Life suck?

Yes. Indeed. Why?

Have you ever tried to compare yourself to others even at least once in your life? I bet you did, you may longing to receive for an answer or you may be waiting for someone to point it out for you on what you did wrong  and to which you ended up to have a kind of big mess.

No one can give you an accurate answer because the answer is right there hidden within you, it is internal work that only you can get access to.

And you still keep asking and asking. Why do I have this kind of Life? Why do others seem to have it so easy for them to get all the things they want? I have seen others who doesn’t have any job at all, but all the things they want seems to fall right into their lap.

And here I am finding it hard to grab my own piece, regardless of how much hard work I do, yet, still not within my reach. I am for sure not deserving to have this kind of misfortune because I believe I am better than some others.

He/She shouldn’t have that or this. It’s supposed to be me being rewarded as a good employee of the year.

OR Maybe I am just one of the unlucky person. (sigh.. poor me)


Sounds familiar?

Yes. We get it. You deserve all the things you are asking for and we believe that you are a good person same with the one who has all the abundance in the world.

What is the difference between You and Her/Him?

Well..if we were going to ask you any of these:

  • How’s your life?
  • How’s your boss?
  • How’s your wife/husband?
  • How’s your family back home in the Philippines?
  • How’s your job?
  • How’s your friend?
  • How’s everyone treating you?
  • How’ your money in the bank?

The majority would say, my life sucks and we ask, Why? And there you are providing us a very long list to validate the reason of why your life sucks.

We get it, we heard you.

My life sucks…because…………….

  • my husband always comes home late at night and punch me in the eye when he’s drunk for no reason. He throws all the pots out of the window if he couldn’t find any food to eat
  •  my wife kept nagging at me
  •  my boss is treating me badly . I don’t even want to see him, going to work each day is killing me
  • my job isn’t the kind of job I want, I only force to work because I need money to feed my family
  • I have no enough money in the bank because I have this unexpected bills to pay
  • My family in the Philippines taking me out for granted, always asking for money, all they need and want from me is my money


Have a look if any of those mentioned above, sounds familiar to you, if you do and acknowledge it with all your heart, it is a step closer to a NEW YOU.

I admit I am one of those few, but not long ago I decided to step up and be the person I want to be, regardless of what I see/hear.

It is easy to believe that your life sucks because you were taught to believe that what you see or hear is the only real in the world.

Yes, it may be real in the human sense because you hear it, you smell it, and you even touch it, but you ignore to believe the most important things of all, it is how you feel that matters because what you see from outside is only a manifestation of your current vibration, which it means what comes within, comes without.

It is very much tempting to moan about on what is going with your life, it is easy to rant over, it is easy to blame anyone when things go wrong .

It’s easy because that is what you get used to of doing every day, you practice it very well, you did such a good job telling your story to the whole wide world, you even rant it over on Facebook such as telling stuff that you don’t like and because you don’t like it and you really hated it NOR want to even get near to it but you keep wondering why it keeps coming back at you, and then your life reality proves itself that your life sucks.

You are an amazing individual and so as everyone else, your family in the Philippines, the one that you talk negatively bad about are the people who you can’t even live without.

Your husband, whom you hated when he’s in drunk is the person that you want to live for the rest of your life, the father of your very own children.

We want you to stop talking anything bad about to anyone, not because they deserve it, but because you deserve to live a happy life, you deserve to live an exceptional, harmonious life, and in doing so, is to mind your own and leave the rest out of the equation.

We want you to say: 

  • I am grateful to my family back home in the Philippines because they are those people who I care and love the most   (it doesn’t matter if how misbehaving, the point is..to feel good  and when you feel good, your life will begin to change,  either they change from bad to good or they will leave you alone in peace.)
  • I am grateful with my job because it enables me to bring food on the table(either you work in the same company with salary increase or you’ll find a better higher paying job)
  • I am grateful to my husband because he has some other good qualities that I fell in love with (either he will change for the better or you’ll find someone better)
  • I am grateful to the people around me because they are with me whenever I need them ( either the people who caused you in pain will change or they will leave you alone)

Be Happy…Be Grateful….Regardless.



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