Why Women Should Only get Married When They Have a job, Knows how to Support Themselves, and Knows how to Cook

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Photo credit to diamondsbyeyal.com
Photo credit to diamondsbyeyal.com

Marriage is not just love and romance. Although it is primarily a joining of two hearts to spend life together, it is also a team up of two people to raise a family. Therefore, there should be a balance of duties and responsibilities to make the partnership work, and to bring up a healthy and happy family.

When a woman has a job, she knows the value of money. She will appreciate her husband’s efforts and will have a realistic view of how money is earned and what sacrifices one does, to do just that. She will know where to spend it, and when to spend it. A man’s nightmare is to have a wife who squander all his earnings, while he breaks his back working for her and their children.

A woman should know how to cook before getting married. I am sure many people will disagree with me about this, since there are many options to solve this problem. They think that if you have enough money to hire a cook, why bother with the cooking. It may be an okay idea to skip this skill, since there are so many other means to feed ones family, such as hiring a cook, marrying a husband who knows how to cook, and of course, the ever-reliable takeout food.

Knowing how to cook will save you from many problems; you will not be at the mercy of other hired help. You will be able to survive even if your cook suddenly decides to take a leave, alternatively, when your husband who took the responsibility of cooking got sick or is unable to do this duty, you can easily take charge of the cooking.

Take out foods on the other hand is too impractical, extremely impersonal, and the most unsavory of the three options. Although choices are varied from outside sources – eating takeout foods will take a toll on everyone’s appetite. Besides commercial foods is most of the time devoid of nutrients, and teeming with cholesterol and preservatives.

In addition, it is a proven fact that home cooking is a much awaited and most loved meal by everyone. Lutong-bahay as they say is still the best food anyone can eat.

Hence, it is imperative that a woman should know how to cook. It is not only the best for the family’s health, but it is one of the most delicious way of showing love and devotion to the family.

Even if a woman chooses to be a homemaker when she gets married – it is also essential that she knows how to support herself and her family in the event that she has to.

The economy is sometimes volatile. There are times when the husband might lose his job and the wife is forced to pitch in. She should be able to pull her family through a financial crisis until the husband is able get back on his track.

There are also other challenges like sickness in the family – a woman has to be as dependable as the man is.

Moreover, an issue that no one would have thought would happen, which is marital infidelity that forces the woman to be independent and live away from the husband can be a shock to a woman, if she has no clue what to do with her life.

We do not like to sound pessimistic, but as the saying goes, “you do not know the person unless you have lived in one roof”. This means that for when the husband goes astray, and she has no choice, but to live apart from him – she should be able to support herself, and not worry about her own survival.

There are many instances when the husband abandons the family, and the wife has no means to support her and the children, she should to be able to stand on her own without giving up her standards and dignity.

So do not ride that marriage train unless you are ready emotionally, spiritually, physically and with a good head between your ears – after all you are marrying a mortal not a saint.

Best Wishes!

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