Why Whirlwind Romance can be so Dangerous for Women

Photo credit to fiftytwotruths.com
Photo credit to fiftytwotruths.com
Photo credit to fiftytwotruths.com

Nothing can be so exhilarating than be swept off your feet by a man who looks so perfect that you can only find such person in romance pocketbooks and movies.

You feel like you are standing on the deck of a boat, your hair is dancing with the blowing wind, and your femininity explodes in multiple colors of rainbow, which emphasizes your smile and perfect appearance.

You can hear music when he talks to you, and gives you that focused attention. You feel so beautiful.

You are ready to throw all cautions in the wind, and fall in love with this stranger in front of you. Oops! Cut the music, rewind, rewind… not so fast.

Did you just say a stranger?

How many young girls in their puberty have not read a romance pocket-book or seen the movie “Twilight”? To be young and in love could be the best feeling one person can ever feel in her life, even at old age I must say. It is everyone’s dream when they sleep and even in their waking hours.

When we see the person, everything around us are just sounds and sights that do not exist. All that matters is you, and the person. You are reeling with the presence of the person. Your heartbeat is beating fast. This is it, you are in love and nothing can stop you.

How many of us have asked a guy or a girl on a date if they are single? Of course we will not dare ask someone if they were treated for any mental illness or they were arrested for any kinds of crime. They are all date slayer questions. We just want to be funny, sweet, and likeable and be a perfect date.

Serious personal inquiries are a no-no, and if we want to find out something about the person, we will resort to being nosey. We don’t like to scare our date so we just assumed our date is a smashing person, and we feel so lucky we are having that special time with him.

You ask other people about him but never your date, and if you hear bad news about him, you just ignore and tell yourself, they are just jealous of the two of you.

The problem with whirlwind romance is we get caught in the web of spinning emotions that we cannot think straight anymore. What is important to us is the wonderful feeling of being in love. It’s like driving a speeding car with a broken brake, plunging us to the unknown.

A perfect example of this is the true story of the tragic death of Monika Zumsteg in the hand of her own husband Michael Telling in the best-selling book, “Irresistible Impulse”, written by Robert Lindsey.

Monika is working in California when her parents introduced to her a nice stranger they met in their place in Sta. Rosa.

Without knowing his background, she fell in love, married him and went to United Kingdom to start a life with him.

She had no idea that the man she married belongs to a family who is the second wealthiest family in Britain next to the Royal family. They own the Vestey’s billion-dollar business which started in 1876 with the business SPAM. His uncle was called “Lord Spam” because of the tinned meat although, he holds the title “Lord Vestey” as a Third Baron.

Michael Telling, an heir to a billion-dollar fortune, grew up in the care of nannies and governess and sent to an expensive boarding school at an early age, which is common for wealthy people in London. He is so desperate for the love and attention of her mother, but was always rejected by her.

Without the personal care of the mother – he became troublesome and was admitted in a psychiatric clinic.

Monika had no idea what kind of childhood or life, the man she married. No one told her that, and she didn’t bother to ask about his background. She was happy she is with the man she loves.

But because the man has been through a lot emotionally, not even his wealth can save their crumbling marriage.

It could have been a true to life Cinderella story except that in the end the husband murdered her in their home, brought her body in a road-side and left it there, but brought home her head in their house for days, to avoid detection.

Sad isn’t it?

There are three things that have captured my attention in this book:

First, the parents introduced a stranger to their daughter just because he seemed nice and well-bred. I cannot avoid blaming the parents for they initiated the meeting between Monika and Michael. A parent’s recommendation usually is an assurance that the person is to be trusted; unfortunately, not in this case.

Second, the girl married a stranger without meeting his family or knowing his background first.

Third, upon meeting the family of his husband – she didn’t make any effort to learn more about his husband from the family, since she has already some suspicion that something is not right about him. Maybe she could have escaped the tragedy that befell her.

Not all of us will have the luck to meet and be married to a billionaire, but I only hope that no one else will experience a tragedy such as Monika’s because of being sucked in a whirlwind romance.

It is nice to find the love of your life – just make sure he is what you think he is. It could save you from a life of misery – and even your life.

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