Why Paulina Vega is not my Miss Universe for this year

Photo credit to indianexpress.com
Photo credit to indianexpress.com
Photo credit to indianexpress.com

I have been an avid fan of Miss Universe pageant ever seen I could remember. It has become a yearly ritual that missing it on my part would have made my year incomplete. I would stop anything I am doing to watch it, and armed with my pen and paper and loads of excitement, I stay glued in front of the television from beginning to end.

Not even a bathroom break would make me leave my seat while the Miss Universe coronation night is ongoing.

I scrutinize each contestant as soon as they get on the stage to introduce themselves. I would line up my top 20, which I can proudly say that at least 95% of those on my list would always be called for the top 15. I would know right away then, who my winner is.

I follow Miss Universe to see an unmatched beauty be crowned, a queen among commoners. And mind you, I have never failed to wish every year, for our delegate to win a place – if not bag the crown each time.

But most of the time I have always been always realistic if our own Miss Philippine delegate would even make it to top 20. There are so many candidates who joined each year and closing my eyes on other gorgeous candidates in favor of our own delegate would be outright foolish and irreverent to the meaning of true competition.

I am such a fan of Miss Universe, that even if I want so much for our own delegate to win — I would never give it to her if I think she would not give justice wearing that crown. To me a Miss Universe crown is a representation of a woman with outstanding physical beauty, superb stage presence and enchanting personality, charm, and wit that would make the other contestants disappear in her presence.

Non-Filipinos may think that I am just a sore loser because the Philippine contestant did not make it to top five this year, which broke our winning streak for the last four years.

The truth is — her defeat may have been easier to accept if this year’s Miss Universe winner has the type of beauty whom not a single soul could get their eyes off their TV screen because she has a beauty that sweeps everyone off their feet, even by a female audience like me. And people would not even remember where their own contestant is standing because they would be celebrating the beauteous new Miss Universe winner with admiration.

For the longest time I have wanted a Miss Universe in the caliber of Sushmita Sen of India, Nathalie Glevoba of Canada, Jennifer Hawkins of Australia, Alicia Machado and Dayana Mendoza both of Venezuela, Ximena Navarette of Mexico and Oxana Fedorova of Russia.

Their smiles are simply enchanting, and their beauties simply defy any human genes in them. They are goddesses with angelic features, and the Miss Universe crown seems to just floated to rest on their queenly heads.

Where is my Miss Universe? I have been cheated all these years for that queen. A winner who would make me sit in silence and thinking with smile and twinkle in my eyes – she is Miss Universe all right.

My Miss Universe has the captivating femininity and exquisite facial features that could not be possibly possessed by only one woman, but the stars may have conspired (as the song goes), to hand it all to her with such generosity.

May the compatriots and fans of this year’s winner forgive me, because for me, her beauty fails in comparison to the past legends of Miss Universe? She is also a lovely woman, but she just seems a bit too dull for me to be Miss Universe; she has no sparkle in her eyes, or grace that befits a Miss Universe title holder. I could not simply lay my hands on why she got the Miss Universe crown this year.

The judges may have seen something on her which I missed to see on my TV screen. I do respect their decision though, besides they get to vote and I do not.

Nevertheless, I stay unimpressed by this year’s Miss Universe.

Yes, I take Miss Universe seriously. I guess I will have to remain pouting, until my Miss Universe gets the crown again next year.


  1. it looks like you have a veryhigh standards/.. maybe this year there is just no other like them(as stated in your article) it is also obvious that the world is changing.. and that most of whom stated above were like the 90’s winner… we’ll this is the digital cosmetic and superficial age.. it is sad.. but it is the reality.. i doubt there will be like that in the future.. like those that you innumerate because those kinds pf beauty comes from the heart.. and the hearts of many these days are very superficial.. people are concerned more of the way they look than the way they act..// selfies are the biggest proof.. people keep on posting too much pictures of themselves not even thinking whether we really like to see it.. LOL…

  2. I disagree with you. Out of all the contestant, Miss Columbia, if you compare to the other contestants has the most beautiful smile. Sure she might not look simple in her dress, but her simple beauty does stand out from the rest. She is also has 5’9″ height which is pretty tall comparison to the other contestant. She won the A/Q part of the contest because she answered with grace and poise. She did not stammer and ask to repeat the question again. She did not understand the question right away. So she first said, “that is a very hard question” paused and answered the question. That shows intelligence, because she knew how to gracefully answer the question without looking confused. It is not only about beauty but intelligience

  3. Please don’t tell me you’re one of those who kept rooting for Miss Jamaica, AKA the woman who, when asked how they could bring down the number of women who experience violence, stupidly answered:

    “Good evening, esteemed judges. Good evening, Doral. Crime is a global phenomenon. It does not affect just one nation, and we, as people of the world, should work to prevent it now.”

    That wasn’t even an answer. She basically just rephrased the question. Then later on, she proceeded to say that Usain Bolt and Bob Marley were her country’s greatest contributions to the world. FAIL.

    • Agreed. Ms Jamaica’s reply to the question given here was the most stupid. In a scale of 10, it’s minus 5! Hahaha!

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