Why Pampanga is the Culinary Capital of the Philippines

kapampanganPampanga is very much known for it’s first-rate cuisines and delicacies- no wonder we are tagged as the Culinary capital of the Philippines. It’s indisputable that we are the home of the best dishes in the county and this has always makes me proud to be a Kapampangan. We don’t settle for anything less than the best-I guess the passion and talent for food runs in the blood of every Kapampangan.

My Father, who is a pure blood Kapampangan , loves to cook and I can say that he really is good at it. I would always boast his Begukan, Bistig and Buru (fermented rice) to my friends and office mates and in every morsel I’d say “luto ng tatay ko yan!” (seriously that’s how proud i was) He never stops thinking of ways on how to improve this dishes. So we grew up eating those in no significant days because unless he perfects it, he’d cook it thrice a week and we had no choice but to eat it. He is a luxurious cook, he’s very spendy when it comes to food especially when he is in charge in the kitchen. It’s either he cooks something ordinary well or we just dine out. Well I guess that what makes Kapampangan cuisines distinctive- we’re never stingy. We choose the finest meat put the best ingredients, meticulously and patiently waits to cook it however much time it entails.

Whilst my father is a great cook, I wasn’t blessed with such culinary intuition but since I have passion for eating I can discern a good food from crap, well i guess everyone does just that mine is a little complicated because I would often compare dishes to that of my father’s and unless they outmatch his specialties I don’t consider them outstanding. No we don’t have that sophisticated palate just that we grew up eating ordinary dishes done deliciously like Pinakbet , Monggo, lutong ampalaya etc . We were never choosy when it comes to food,kahit simple basta masarap.


I have not gone to so much places in the Philippines, Probably because there are just too many wonderful places here, but i have been lucky enough to visit some popular provinces and every time i set foot in each place the first thing i search for is their specialty but ironically I’d still end up looking for a Kapampangan cook. I remember the last time i was in Baler, Aurora we were so glad to finally find an eatery serving delicious authentic Aurora dishes and when we heard them speak our vernacular only then did we realize that that the cook was a Kapampangan. Funny how our palate led us to where we truly belong. Hahanap-hanapin mo pa rin pala talaga yung nakasanayan, yung nakalakihan mo’ng lasa ng pagkain.

People from different places are enticed to visit the province of Pampanga just to experience famous exotic foods and superb Kapampangan cuisines and what better way could anyone enjoy this than on the grand festive of Fernandinos happening this May 30. So if you’ve been dying to know why Pampanga is the culinary capital of the Philippines then this is the best time to find it out.

Once again my warmest greetings to all my fellow Fernandinos Happy Fiesta- Balen a mapayapa , Bie masaplala!

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