Why New Year’s Resolution is not a Work in Vain After All

Photo credit to www.irdarbs.lv


Photo credit to www.irdarbs.lv
Photo credit to www.irdarbs.lv

Some people religiously make New Year’s resolution, as if their new year would be incomplete without it. However, after continually failing to accomplish them year after year, they finally give up, and ditch the whole useless idea.

I would say it is not a completely futile rite, to begin your new year, with a list of resolution.

It only means that you are consciously aware of the quality of life you are living. You have good intents to improve yourself, and you are aware that you have options, and you are willing to try those options.

You may not succeed on most of them – but the mere acknowledgements of your faults, shortcomings and misdemeanors, only proves that you are a person of integrity and good intents. The only thing is that you are so challenged; you are losing your fight against someone stronger than you are — yourself.

I could not help laughing on this one; sometimes the hardest person to beat in this fight against mediocrity is you — because sometimes life is best seen in four corners of our bedroom …while we are asleep.

You want to stay away from the computer for even just a day, to sleep long hours, to eat food that is more nutritious, to take some exercise, and finish that project at home. However for some reason, you always cannot.

You want to find a real good boyfriend or girlfriend, hopefully the marrying type, someone you can finally introduce to your family and be proud.

To find a more lucrative job or business than what you have this year. To be more pleasant and not short tempered, to have more time for your loved ones.

Sometimes New Year’s resolutions are so drastic that it makes it too difficult for others to accomplish it. Sometimes it looks like you have to go against the natural flow of your personality to get even to the first stage of it.

Is New Year’s resolution a lost battle, an outdated new year’s rite? I do not think so…

I see it as a reflection of yourself a day of evaluating what you have accomplished, what you have failed to do, and what you hope and wish to happen this following year. It is your personal assessment of your life — one day to face the truth, and be honest to yourself.

Do not miss this opportunity to sit down and list down your losses, hopes and dreams. It is a good day to reinvent yourself. Be more enthusiastic about life.

It may only be a list – but it is about you. Seeing it in words, sometimes makes it real for you, than just thinking about it.

Learn to know more about yourself by confronting your failures, and your plans to correct it.

You may not accomplish all of it immediately — but knowing what you want and do not want, will slowly create awareness in you, and you will see improvement in your life, taking place gradually.

It is better to have a plan, no matter how small it is. After all, big things –start small.










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