Why lazy men are worse than lazy women

Photo credit to www.telegraph.co.uk
Photo credit to www.telegraph.co.uk
Photo credit to www.telegraph.co.uk

What does it constitute a lazy man? He is someone who will not strive to look for a job, when there are available jobs for his age and ability; he passes all opportunities by making all kinds of excuses so he can continue with his lazy ways. He is someone who would not lift a finger to do chores, work or assignment, on his own volition, and who waits to be ordered, or requested before he does some work. He is someone who has no ambition and is a parasite to other people for his existence.

Imagine a big-bodied able man in perfect health, just lying around the house, with no income, and just relying on the female members or anyone in the family to support him — a spectacle for everyone that brings down all the energy in the house, and makes the environment around him stagnant and depressing.

Men are looked up as a source of strength, when they acts like lazy bums, the entire system in the house becomes somewhat sluggish, because an inactive man tends to bring everyone down.

A man is supposed to be a symbol of strength and action, an action that would somehow steer the family into a life of exciting visions, fulfilled dreams and accomplished goals.

If he just lie on the couch every day, or hang out with his friends all day and night, with no plans for the future — he might as well live on his own and not take on a family, and drag everybody down with his downtrodden ways.

Men in general are looked up as the leader, the hunter, the provider, the trailblazer, and the risk taker. If he demonstrates less than this, he automatically loses half of his right to lead, and get the respect that he deserves.  Whatever he says becomes rather muted, because no one would want to listen to him, as he has no credibility to speak of as a male.

Some men sometimes take advantage of their position in the family, and so lets the female members of the family, do most of the chores in the house even if they are around, and have the energy to do it. It is ashamed to see women, doing most of the workloads such as lifting heavy furniture or carrying heavy buckets of water, while the men just laze around watching the women do it.

There are many reasons why men tend to get lazy. Some were brought up in a patriarchal family where men are not supposed to do household chores, because it is considered a woman’s job, and lessens their self worth as a male. Men in such a family, are considered macho, and so are not to be expected to share in the household chores starting from when they are young — so they are not trained to participate in doing work inside the house.

Sometimes women also spoil them, and let them be, sort of a “king” in the house, that they no longer take part in the domestic work and feel comfortable just lazing around. If this is the case, then the woman has no reason to complain. “To each his own”, as they say — if you want your men to be spoiled, it is absolutely your own call.

There are many lazy women too, and you would know them from their filthy environment, not the kind of mess that is just caused by everyday kids leaving toys on the floor, or some dishes on the sink, but the type that goes from years of not cleaning.

Lazy women have unkempt kids, and husband with not well-ironed shirt — well some of them.

But women, no matter how lazy — would still get up to cook, wash laundry and do what they need to do, while lazy  men would wait for women to do it for them.

Start a man young being lazy, and he will be a burden not only to you–but also to the society.





  1. I am hoping you are still checking responses. It is 2015 Jan now. I read this and believe I am in a catagory with my husband far beyond this..and a multitude of issues besides lazy. A man who worked graveyard to avoid normal human men, jobs he doesn’t have to think on, men who have drugs, prescription and illegal because they always claim they are in pain. When home all he does is sleep you know he says he needs his sleep, or he can’t sleep but its the only place to find him which is never with his wife and children. He has doctors to lie to and get more medications. Then he ends his work claiming he is too disabled by now gaining weight. He seeks his own bedroom resigning now to have no more sexual functions but lives in a bedroom with a locked door more then 6 days a week, night and day only exiting for food at night and the rest room. It is 10 years later, kids are out of the house,will not come home because he is so bipolar, so not normal and filled with useless knowledge from a TV on 24/7 literally doing nothing for himself or anyone else including handling bills and other things to sign like taxes so he entire family and household gets punished. His wife, iis alone night and day he does not even speak to her unless he needs something more………..his wife, raised five children, a homemaker, she has nothing because even what she had he spent and the only home from here is a homeless shelter…………………WHAT DOES SHE DO NOW AT 62 ?

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