Why it is Important to read the entire article before making any comments in the internet

Photo credit to theguardian.com
Photo credit to theguardian.com
Photo credit to theguardian.com

I have seen many people reacting to an article based, on their general idea of what the entire issue is all about, not on what the writer is trying to convey.

A story will have several angles depending who write it, and so if you have not read the article, you are not giving yourself the chance to react on a new perspective, and losing your turn to contribute to an intellectual exchange.

You have not only missed gaining new insights on the subject, but you can also make a fool out of yourself,  if your comment is not, in any way, near what the article is saying.

Read, read, and read — that should be your mantra, before moving that clicker and posting any comment.

Any comment you make are vital information — regardless of your social background, your educational attainment, your religious belief, political stand and any other affiliations that may separate you from the others .

Your comments and your voice counts.

Because we writers love to hear from our readers — you can bash us, critic us and praise us — we all welcome them; however, please read the article first.

Just reading the title and the headline is oftentimes misleading. There are chunks of wisdom and other new information that you might be missing if you skip on reading the article.

Writers write to inform, educate, and share overflowing thoughts. However, believe it, or not — we are also in the business of swaying our readers to take our side.

But, we try to give it to you in a manner that you will have to question your own understanding of the matter, and examine your own principles.

I must admit there are also many articles that just spew poison; but I would not say that it is entirely pointless. When the public berates its contents, we get the idea of up to what extent the public is willing to read and hear from the writers.

Next time you see an interesting title, make sure to read the entire article, and let other people know about it, too, by sharing.

Keep the comments coming — it is a check mark on our voluntary assignment.

If you have reached this part of this article, please type the word “I have read you,” after your comment.

It will tell me that you have read this article. Thank you!





  1. Can’t agree with you more! It’s the very basic thing to do before posting a comment and sharing the article with your comment. “I have read you!” 🙂

  2. At a time when the attention span is getting shorter and shorter, authors SHOULD exercise restraint from using click-bait titles. It would help if the essence of the whole article is already manifest in the title and it would be now the reader’s discretion to proceed or not. It is totally annoying to read the article because one is misled by the title and find out there is really nothing substantive in it. And lastly, use the KISS principle: Keep It Simple and Straight-To-The Point. (By the way, nice article. If only people have the time and common sense to read it.)

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