Why Filipinos Should Stop Supporting the King of Jordan and Other Related Topics

“If they are Caesars or Cromwells, they seize power for themselves. If they are spineless courtiers, uninterested in doing good yet dangerous when they seek to do harm, they go back to lay their power at their master’s feet, and help him to resume arbitrary power on condition they become his chief servants “

Maximilien Robespierre, 1791

Thanks to the Internet and possibly a publicity stunt to show that the Hashemite monarch Abdullah II is both decisive and daring, the majority of the people with little to no understanding of the complexities of international relations have fallen under his spell. Indeed, it is very easy to praise strongmen with the likes of Stalin, Franco, Hitler and our very own strongman Marcos, which myth is still continuing to delude a great number of people. Before you may start your criticism that I am a Yellowtard, please bear in mind that I view both the Marcos and Aquino governments with the same perspective that they are not great governments whether the former is an authoritarian militaristic crony state or the latter as a liberal crony state who kept on being hypocrites on social issues. With that out of the way, here are my arguments on why Filipinos should not support King Abdullah’s war.

I do now see that some people mocked Pnoy for his refusal to go to war, and I am one of the people who didn’t like his administration, but I have a good reason why our country should not implement an all out war policy. However, I wanted to focus on Jordan and especially its King, who is considered as one of the greatest allies of the United States and the West. I did really wish that those who are for war should be the first ones to be drafted or to immigrate to the United States and become the target audience of the rhetoric of the war hawks there, especially those of George Bush more than 10 years ago.

1. The King of Jordan is first and foremost, an autocrat and a hypocrite

The monarchy tries to maintain a glossy image to the citizens of the outside world as a progressive bastion of the Middle East, just like how passionate are the people who defended the actions of Israel’s current land confiscation from the Palestinians. Jordan is not a glossy paradise that it tries to portray itself to the world, although it is technically a constitutional monarchy with the King’s powers being limited, King Abdullah rules more like a despot than a constitutional monarch should act. Corruption in Jordan is one of the world’s worst, as the Corruption Perceptions Index placed the country as 47th most corrupt with rampant bribery, nepotism, favouritism and violation of due process. Freedom of speech and the press although good by Middle Eastern standards are still lacking, with the police detaining individuals suspected of promoting dissenting views against the monarchy. While the parliament has become more representative of the public opinion of the people of Jordan, the monarchy is known to have rigged parliamentary elections in favour of the factions loyal to the King. He is ruling Jordan as an autocrat and to some leftists, a puppet of the West.

2. It is an act of gathering popular support for the monarchy which is faltering

Indeed, the execution of the Jordanian fighter pilot is both horrific and should be condemned, but instead of intimidating Jordan, the country used it as an excuse to divert the attention of the public from its domestic problems to a foreign enemy, which is the ISIS, although the people’s attention have been already diverted on the refugee crisis in Syria into their borders. With this war and showering support of jingoism and nationalism, the power of the monarchy has become somewhat stable and like the United States under the Bush administration, its repressive police force could have an excuse to crush domestic factions whose political ideologies oppose the State. The support of the monarchy would go for a long time and as long as the ISIS exists, Jordan’s national policy will be more on revanchism than social or political reform. From a long term perspective, all out war will be disastrous for Jordan economically and might increase the ranks of the ISIS because of the airstrikes, as some of the people would take up arms to avenge their relatives which could become a bigger problem in the future.

3. Jordan could get away with its repressive regime because of geopolitical considerations

The Hashemite kingdom since the end of the Cold War is a very crucial ally of the United States and the West, and this is why it is easy to pay lip service to the political system of Jordan for pragmatic reasons. Jordan is a key player in the Middle East, a partner to the peace process between Israel and Palestine, as well as a major contributor to the U.N peacekeeping force and a bastion against the spread of Islamism, which only became radical after the mismanaged foreign policy of the United States. The King would enjoy international aid and loans because of these conditions, and he would basically have an endless amount of support to wage war against the ISIS.

These are primarily the three major reasons, and also it is important to note that Jordan is fighting for its self interest rather than idealistic aspirations of democracy or justice, because any regional upheld would benefit the King and his courtiers. Jordan narrowly avoided the Arab Spring because of the monarchy’s approval of having a more representative government although still loyal to the monarchy and massive spending on social services to control social unrest. Despite Jordan’s relatively successful economic reform efforts, it only created a wide economic gap between the towns and cities, and the King’s rhetoric for a strong government at home and his talk of change abroad have basically led us to the conclusion that the King is a two faced jackal (In Jordan, I could be charged with the crime of lese majeste for this).

The reason why some privileged idiotic Filipinos support war

So why do some Filipinos support this man who literally use these events as a way for the status quo to stay as it is? It is because that some Filipinos have become tired of consensus and liberal democracy in general that they are willing to support short sighted measures to solve a problem that they perceive while ignoring the causes of the problem. This is the reason why keyboard warriors wanted all out war, as they have never experienced it first hand. I do still support the Bangsamoro Basic Law because I do believe that any ethnic group residing in this country has a right of self governance from a society which often excludes them from the contemporary musings of a Filipino nation, which is itself an imagined community. Some have argued about our supposed Christian civilisation as a justification for war, ignoring the fact that hundreds of thousands died under the name of the Spanish Monarchy and their God.

The Root of ISIS

We should also consider that the ISIS is not an archetypal organisation with vague ideals, it is shaped by the political climate of the Middle East which awakened during the Allied sponsored Arab Revolt of 1916 which culminated to the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the betrayal of the Arabs known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement which divided the Middle East into French and British spheres of influence in the 20th century which left the Hashemite monarchs being deceived and isolated.

At the end of the Second World War which dealt a blow to both the French and British colonial empires, the role of preserving the West’s interests in the Middle East has been taken over by the United States which supported oppressive governments as a counter balance to the Soviets by supplying countries such as Iraq with chemical weapons used to gas the Kurdish people and the Iranians, military coups aimed and the overthrow of nationalist governments such as the case of Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammad Mossaddegh and the oil monopolies imposed by Western companies.

The U.S also didn’t supported the war of national liberation against Saddam during the time when the rebels had taken over 14 out of 18 provinces of Iraq at the aftermath of the First Gulf War in which Saddam used the end of the war with the U.N and regained the initiative by diverting the Republican Guard divisions which brutally crushed the uprising which later led to the general mistrust of the people of Iraq to the West. The insurgency which followed the 2003 invasion, the withdrawal of the Coalition forces in Iraq, the Arab Spring which plunged the Ba’athist regime of Iraq into civil war led to the sudden rise of the ISIS which has become a force of Islamic fundamentalism, a product of the greatest historical blunders of the previous century.


War is not a simple affair anymore of soldiers marching on the field of battle and taking volleys upon one another to see who will break and retreat, it is now fought in several areas. It is fought at land, at sea, at air, at the conference tables, at the peace process, through diplomatic compromises, in the legislative halls, at the Internet with the keyboard warriors screaming for war, at home, at schools, at the streets, at children and at the future generations itself. War is now both as an act of self preservation and destruction. The rhetoric that “we should not negotiate with terrorists” will still remain as a joke for the succeeding generations as the testament of a narrow minded and short sighted policy, and this mentality would create more monsters and justifications for them to plunge the world into a comedy of errors and a tragedy of the tragedies.





  1. this author just did some research and tried to use gathered info to express his “biased” point of view of the things he is talking about. You’re the keyboard warrior you are talking about. You used historical facts to deliver “opinions”. I should call you Mr. Feeling Right.

  2. So this guy’s suggesting that we should negotiate with Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and other barbaric terrorist groups? This article is very “short-sighted.” He did not even propose any solutions. There’s a reason why all governments around the world don’t negotiate with terrorists. And it’s not because of war (or love of war) but because terrorists avoid peace and instead mock ALL policies against them. I hope for your next article, you write about Yemen’s domestic terrorism issues. #NoToWar #YesToTerroristNegotiation

  3. Whether or not the Jordanian king done what he did for revenge the point is Isis needs to be stopped. As for the MILF. My opinion is that those people are terrosists and barbarians and should be treated as such. Some SAF where shot in the head point blank and robbed of their belongings. Sometimes its sucks but enough is enough and tough actions needs to be done. Philippines isnt a perfect country same as any other. But when shit like this happens people responsible should be held accountable and dealt with accordingly.

  4. I admire King Abdullah for what he did but it doesn’t mean that I also admire the corruption and poverty in Jordan.

    I am embarrassed on what you wrote, and you did nothing to make us proud.

  5. Sorry, you might have a great mind circling around your head but i don’t believe in you. You are just another writer who is just good in finding loop wholes, rather than creating solutions to the problem. You have points, but the message in your writings doesn’t point out any possible solutions to the conflict. I admire you as a writer because you searched facts, but instead of using your fashion and skills in writing to convey a message of unity to everybody it seems that you are using it the other way around. My suggestion to you is this before trying to expose loop holes try to find better solutions to the problems that this world is facing. It is very easy to criticize some who is in position because of the so called “freedom of speech”, but have you tried to put your self to somebody’s shoes before spreading negative accusations? But anyway you were never been a King so how can you see what the King of Jordan see. Just saying “If you were only an ant how can you see the bird’s eye view of your ant hill?” Oops “Freedom of speech”

  6. Mindanao does not belongs to the MILF, MNLF, BIFF or ASG it belongs to the peace loving native tribe of BLA’AN, T’BOLI, TAGAKAULO, BAGOBO, BADJAO and SUBANEN.

    The Philippine Government continuously violating its mandate by talking and treating these thugs as the most peaceful loving people on this planet wherein in reality they are not. These armed thugs can only be suppressed by using hard approach.

  7. the thing is, i do understand your point of view, but as a Filipino in which i am not really into these kind of topics for “so it seems”, have no end, but i do have few points for you, first is we are not supporting anything for the king of jordan, but i do admired his swift response when the pilot was burned alive was posted in the internet. Admit it or not, as for now there is no other solution to stop ISIS but to eliminate them literally, for i have read and seen news regarding what they are doing, selling women and children as slaves,raping them all day, kidnapping and killing innocent people if their demand is not given and you yourself pointed the root of ISIS, in which you are stating that they are doing this for revenge or claiming what is right for them, so to speak we should just let them be? and as for our president what the hell would you think we filipinos would feel on what he did after the overkill of the soldiers, our president who should be the first to be there for them is no where to be found and just stated i am not fond of attending funerals to those i don’t know, which in fact he did go to his niece movie premiere, royal wedding, showbiz interview and so on. I know there are lapses on the military’s side but have you seen the video of the MILF?let me ask you if we turn around the situation where the military did this to the rebels on there area of jurisdiction/responsibility, for sure human rights would outburst in favor of the rebels and there will be severe punishment for the soldiers. i know PEACE TALK is the best solution to deal with the rebels but i do believe there will be no end to this, they will just keep on demanding more, or else if it is given another group would pop out and ask for their claim, sometimes we need iron hands to mend something, i know it’s terrible but looking back in history there will be no end to this if we will not imply serious action to stop such things.sorry for my bad english tho

  8. who cares if we’ll support him? who are you to tell us what to do? mind your own business. it’s like you are telling us what to do with our lives. FILIPINOS kapa. use another good topic for your articles next time. why filipinos should stop? da fck!

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That is free speech.

      Instead of giving points to signify your opposing view, you just told him to mind his own business and write about something else. Come on. YOU read the article. YOU opened the web link.

      Articles are written to give opinions. Not everyone may agree, but to tell him to mind his own business and stop writing about the topic JUST BECAUSE you don’t like what he says is very idiotic. Why don’t you mind your own business and stop reading articles you don’t agree about? Lol. People like you are the reason this pathetic country continues to be pathetic. It’s like what they say, ‘sarado ang kokote’.


      I LIKE WHAT THE JORDANIAN MONARCH DID so don’t you dare tell me I’m saying what I say because I agree with his opinion.

  9. We are not supporting the king of jordan for his war with ISIS it is the way the he act quickly to a certain situation and we like his guts, because here in the philippines our president has no balls to act like that.

  10. Clearly someone who wants to sound intellectual. Your views are very idealistic that they are way far from reality. What are you? 10? Haha. Moron.

    “Why Filipinos should stop supporting the King of Jordan and other related topics”

    DO NOT DOWNPLAY what they have done. They have gone online for everyone to see how they behead or burn people alive for their so called “ideals.” And this writer calls us IDIOTS for supporting KING ABDULLAH?!?!

    Well, Mr. Allen Severino, You are the IDIOT! You try and excuse ISIS for being who they are because of the previous wars. “…a product of the greatest historical blunders of the previous century.” BLAMING THE PAST! Sometimes life deals us with lemons, should we all turn and behead people who cross us?

    ?#?fallen44? ?#?JordanianPilot? ?#?respect? ?#?PnoyFailure? ?#?halfAssed??#?NoNegotiatingWithTerrorists? ?#?blahblah? ?#?noMeat?

    • i think he isn’t trying to excuse ISIS by pointing out that they are due to some mistakes in the past…
      he is simply pointing out that the ISIS are indeed out there now because of some mistakes in the past.

      but yes, that’s not an excuse to what they are doing and terrorists can simply be dealt with but with a harsher retribution. but even that is subject to question…. is war against terrorism justified? i think it is if the war waged is also against the terrorists alone and it’s sole purpose is the preservation of peace. which again brings us back to an oriental paradox, “only the human species make war to have peace.”

      • “…is war against terrorism justified?”

        Keeping quiet against terrorism, is it right? PNoy asking congress to pass BBL is it justified, when we all know it would empower MILF? UAE sending airstrikes against ISIS, is it wrong? How does the international body or our local government give justice to the dead and to their families by asking ISIS or MILF to sit over tea and coffee and discuss peace?

        People say, look at the big picture. We need peace for the common good.
        How about them? Should we consider them as collateral damage?

        The Fallen 44
        1000 Iraqi Civilians killed by ISIS
        Steven Sotloff
        Kenji Goto
        Kayla Mueller
        Peter Kassig
        those girls from Boko Haram – kidnapped, raped and married off
        those 8 men beheaded in broad daylight at the streets of Iraq
        how about those deaths caused by MILF that we have so long forgotten

        how about this…


        (DISCLAIMER: NOT FOR THE WEAK HEARTED. after 2:30 – unbearable)

        Tell me… HOW CAN those in power sit and TALK PEACE AND GIVE JUSTICE to these people?

        I do not call for war. I have got no answers. I can only write how my heart cries out for the injustices of the world. But if even just 1 of these men/woman are my family – I would cry justice. I would cry that my government stand up – an eye for an eye.

        It is easy to say let’s look at the bigger picture. Have we experienced it 1st hand? Keyboard warriors – yes, that is all what I can do. Speak my mind. Pen down my thoughts.

        Jose Rizal did it – exiled and executed
        Andres Bonifacio – Father of Revolution – executed
        Lapu Lapu – died in battle
        Emilio Aguinaldo – led a revolution that gave us our Independence Day

        For PEACE TALKS to work BOTH PARTIES must want it, adhere to what was agreed and PUT DOWN THEIR ARMS.

        But men are selfish in nature, they want something, our government wants something.

        So, where does that leave us? I don’t know.

        The ultimate test of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and moments of convenience, but where he stands in moments of challenge and moments of controversy.

        –Martin Luther King, Jr., 27 January 1965

      • Well they shouldn’t be terrorizing our lands. They know ,MILF and BIFF, that they were engaging SAF members and yet they shot some of the soldiers/police point blank range even though they have protocols for such. They have the nerve to say they’re not protecting Marwan but the terrorist is living beside their neighborhood. Double standards indeed. We can fight the rebels and possibly win but as for china, well they’ll tear us up.

  12. Umm no, I still don’t care. Bomb ISIS, bomb the barbaric rebels in Mindanao. Eye for an eye. Don’t like this comment? Then bomb Manila. I’d gladly watch as hell rains over me. For what care I have left for this world and the hypocrites that surrounds me.

  13. I still will admire the king of Jordan.

    I will still mock Pnoy.

    However you (*author) write good things about your boss (*Pnoy) just to make him look good in public with all the media stuffs they pay to cheat people into believeing what they do is right. No one will believe you. Screw you.

  14. “I do still support the Bangsamoro Basic Law because I do believe that any ethnic group residing in this country has a right of self governance from a society which often excludes them from the contemporary musings of a Filipino nation”—-> Say what now? Let me guess you are 5 years old? Do you really think BBL is all for this “idealistic” crap? Wake up, man! It’s still because of money and power. They want them all and will extort more the residents of Mindanao. I’m guessing you are not from Mindanao, so newsflash, if BBL pursues, bombing, terrorism, civil war would ensue because hey, Bangsamoro wants the whole Mindanao, I guess they changed their mind and wants to claim “enthnicity” to the whole Mindanao. If BBL pursues, the PH economy would drastically go down, because the big chunk of the agricultural sector is in Mindanao. Say goodbye to the cities of CDO, Davao and Iligan that have also contributed to the economy boost of the country, even if they are not part of BBL, there will still be that drastic negative change, more and more if war ensues in Mindanao.

  15. Definitely Filipino: You should be more prudent and discriminating in approving articles for publication. The author attempts to impress with what he thinks is an intellectual analysis of middle east politics; but even a mere cursory reading thereof shows that it is pure bluster with misleading contents. It disappoints big time to the point of being disgusting.

  16. I do not think admiring the action of Jordan’s king means we support all his decisions. Most of the people, including non-pinoys, just admires the way king Abdullah II handles the ISIS problem and nothing more. I myself would not want to meddle with the affairs of their country as I believe we have our hands full with our own.

    Terrorism is not something we can deal with using words and patience. We, of all nation, should realize that. We’ve been very patient with all types of terrorists that walked in our lands and it never resulted in something good. Just like most countries, we should have a law clearly stating that we do not negotiate with terrorists.

    Now, as a Christian, I do not think we should associate the ISIS terror group with Islam. Muslims are very peace loving people and all these terror groups do is take advantage of the Islam religion.

  17. I don’t care if King Abdulla is hypocrite blah blah at least he knows when to strike back for his people may it be for his propaganda or for his people..At least he gave the ISIS a lesson that a leader will not tolerate harm on his people. Unlike pnoy who’s so coward, idiotic and stupid (just like this author) who cuddles with the rebels, talks peace (heard any country who negotiates with terrorists?),kiss their butts and has the balls to smile at SAF’s funeral. This author sucks and you don’t deserve to be called a man..Who the fuck is this author?

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