Why Filipinos Should Stop Supporting the King of Jordan and Other Related Topics

“If they are Caesars or Cromwells, they seize power for themselves. If they are spineless courtiers, uninterested in doing good yet dangerous when they seek to do harm, they go back to lay their power at their master’s feet, and help him to resume arbitrary power on condition they become his chief servants “

Maximilien Robespierre, 1791

Thanks to the Internet and possibly a publicity stunt to show that the Hashemite monarch Abdullah II is both decisive and daring, the majority of the people with little to no understanding of the complexities of international relations have fallen under his spell. Indeed, it is very easy to praise strongmen with the likes of Stalin, Franco, Hitler and our very own strongman Marcos, which myth is still continuing to delude a great number of people. Before you may start your criticism that I am a Yellowtard, please bear in mind that I view both the Marcos and Aquino governments with the same perspective that they are not great governments whether the former is an authoritarian militaristic crony state or the latter as a liberal crony state who kept on being hypocrites on social issues. With that out of the way, here are my arguments on why Filipinos should not support King Abdullah’s war.

I do now see that some people mocked Pnoy for his refusal to go to war, and I am one of the people who didn’t like his administration, but I have a good reason why our country should not implement an all out war policy. However, I wanted to focus on Jordan and especially its King, who is considered as one of the greatest allies of the United States and the West. I did really wish that those who are for war should be the first ones to be drafted or to immigrate to the United States and become the target audience of the rhetoric of the war hawks there, especially those of George Bush more than 10 years ago.

1. The King of Jordan is first and foremost, an autocrat and a hypocrite

The monarchy tries to maintain a glossy image to the citizens of the outside world as a progressive bastion of the Middle East, just like how passionate are the people who defended the actions of Israel’s current land confiscation from the Palestinians. Jordan is not a glossy paradise that it tries to portray itself to the world, although it is technically a constitutional monarchy with the King’s powers being limited, King Abdullah rules more like a despot than a constitutional monarch should act. Corruption in Jordan is one of the world’s worst, as the Corruption Perceptions Index placed the country as 47th most corrupt with rampant bribery, nepotism, favouritism and violation of due process. Freedom of speech and the press although good by Middle Eastern standards are still lacking, with the police detaining individuals suspected of promoting dissenting views against the monarchy. While the parliament has become more representative of the public opinion of the people of Jordan, the monarchy is known to have rigged parliamentary elections in favour of the factions loyal to the King. He is ruling Jordan as an autocrat and to some leftists, a puppet of the West.

2. It is an act of gathering popular support for the monarchy which is faltering

Indeed, the execution of the Jordanian fighter pilot is both horrific and should be condemned, but instead of intimidating Jordan, the country used it as an excuse to divert the attention of the public from its domestic problems to a foreign enemy, which is the ISIS, although the people’s attention have been already diverted on the refugee crisis in Syria into their borders. With this war and showering support of jingoism and nationalism, the power of the monarchy has become somewhat stable and like the United States under the Bush administration, its repressive police force could have an excuse to crush domestic factions whose political ideologies oppose the State. The support of the monarchy would go for a long time and as long as the ISIS exists, Jordan’s national policy will be more on revanchism than social or political reform. From a long term perspective, all out war will be disastrous for Jordan economically and might increase the ranks of the ISIS because of the airstrikes, as some of the people would take up arms to avenge their relatives which could become a bigger problem in the future.

3. Jordan could get away with its repressive regime because of geopolitical considerations

The Hashemite kingdom since the end of the Cold War is a very crucial ally of the United States and the West, and this is why it is easy to pay lip service to the political system of Jordan for pragmatic reasons. Jordan is a key player in the Middle East, a partner to the peace process between Israel and Palestine, as well as a major contributor to the U.N peacekeeping force and a bastion against the spread of Islamism, which only became radical after the mismanaged foreign policy of the United States. The King would enjoy international aid and loans because of these conditions, and he would basically have an endless amount of support to wage war against the ISIS.

These are primarily the three major reasons, and also it is important to note that Jordan is fighting for its self interest rather than idealistic aspirations of democracy or justice, because any regional upheld would benefit the King and his courtiers. Jordan narrowly avoided the Arab Spring because of the monarchy’s approval of having a more representative government although still loyal to the monarchy and massive spending on social services to control social unrest. Despite Jordan’s relatively successful economic reform efforts, it only created a wide economic gap between the towns and cities, and the King’s rhetoric for a strong government at home and his talk of change abroad have basically led us to the conclusion that the King is a two faced jackal (In Jordan, I could be charged with the crime of lese majeste for this).

The reason why some privileged idiotic Filipinos support war

So why do some Filipinos support this man who literally use these events as a way for the status quo to stay as it is? It is because that some Filipinos have become tired of consensus and liberal democracy in general that they are willing to support short sighted measures to solve a problem that they perceive while ignoring the causes of the problem. This is the reason why keyboard warriors wanted all out war, as they have never experienced it first hand. I do still support the Bangsamoro Basic Law because I do believe that any ethnic group residing in this country has a right of self governance from a society which often excludes them from the contemporary musings of a Filipino nation, which is itself an imagined community. Some have argued about our supposed Christian civilisation as a justification for war, ignoring the fact that hundreds of thousands died under the name of the Spanish Monarchy and their God.

The Root of ISIS

We should also consider that the ISIS is not an archetypal organisation with vague ideals, it is shaped by the political climate of the Middle East which awakened during the Allied sponsored Arab Revolt of 1916 which culminated to the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the betrayal of the Arabs known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement which divided the Middle East into French and British spheres of influence in the 20th century which left the Hashemite monarchs being deceived and isolated.

At the end of the Second World War which dealt a blow to both the French and British colonial empires, the role of preserving the West’s interests in the Middle East has been taken over by the United States which supported oppressive governments as a counter balance to the Soviets by supplying countries such as Iraq with chemical weapons used to gas the Kurdish people and the Iranians, military coups aimed and the overthrow of nationalist governments such as the case of Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammad Mossaddegh and the oil monopolies imposed by Western companies.

The U.S also didn’t supported the war of national liberation against Saddam during the time when the rebels had taken over 14 out of 18 provinces of Iraq at the aftermath of the First Gulf War in which Saddam used the end of the war with the U.N and regained the initiative by diverting the Republican Guard divisions which brutally crushed the uprising which later led to the general mistrust of the people of Iraq to the West. The insurgency which followed the 2003 invasion, the withdrawal of the Coalition forces in Iraq, the Arab Spring which plunged the Ba’athist regime of Iraq into civil war led to the sudden rise of the ISIS which has become a force of Islamic fundamentalism, a product of the greatest historical blunders of the previous century.


War is not a simple affair anymore of soldiers marching on the field of battle and taking volleys upon one another to see who will break and retreat, it is now fought in several areas. It is fought at land, at sea, at air, at the conference tables, at the peace process, through diplomatic compromises, in the legislative halls, at the Internet with the keyboard warriors screaming for war, at home, at schools, at the streets, at children and at the future generations itself. War is now both as an act of self preservation and destruction. The rhetoric that “we should not negotiate with terrorists” will still remain as a joke for the succeeding generations as the testament of a narrow minded and short sighted policy, and this mentality would create more monsters and justifications for them to plunge the world into a comedy of errors and a tragedy of the tragedies.





  1. The likes of you will never understand. We only want to bomb the remaining terrorists and kill them once and for all, and that is because they chose to be terrorists and they want to die a terrorist. We just want to kill them, it is not war, it’s a massacre for your sake. Religious views are not the basis of terrorism anymore, they simply want to terrify people and gain power. Funny thing is we do not admire Jordan or who King Abdullah is, what we admire is his actions in reply to those terrorists, which might be a good point to be considered by our supremely noble president. They did something bad at us? We shall return something worse at them, like we do not approve the BBL shit. You simply do not understand the causes of other people’s actions, and that is your weakness that will drag you to hell. Your article is bullshit, citing conclusions that we do not even need in the first place. Have a nice day.

      • It’s not war that we want, but the quick capture or death of those mindless terrorists. Although it is bad to hope for someone to die, still, the soul of those terrorists cannot be saved by any other means, and I think we should stop them once and for all.

  2. Thou cannot please everybody, your opinion does not matter on the interwebz. It is the harsh truth in this world. Kill or be killed. You choose the latter, Jordanians choose the former, end of the story.


  4. Mas may sense pa yung mga nagcritic ng article na to eh hehehe trashy article ito

    The bbl summarized is a one sided piece of crap, basically saying our government surrenders to milf and gives everything to milf,which can be a precursor to secession in the future because this will be used to strengthen their arms and headcount,then they will attack and grab more territories in the future.

  5. Ang ginawa ng Jordan is not a publicity stunt. Action yun na dapat matagal ng ginawa ng mga mas makapangyarihang bansa. Sana nga ay ito na ang simula at tularan ng iba pa para matapos na ang suliranin sa terorismo at mabaling sa iba naman suliranin ang atensyon natin. Ano ba ang ginawa ng US? They funded the rebels initially fighting ISIS pero dahil na rin sa corruption, some of those rebels joined the IS and used the weapons to kill muslims and destroy mosques. Sa tingin mo ba, ano dapat ang ginawa ng Jordan? Magpa press-conference on National TV and “condemn” the actions of IS? Puro ganun lang ang ginawa ng iba at mabuti na yung simulang gawin ng Jordan.

    Nakita mo yung problema ng action ng Jordan pero bakit hindi mo nakita yung magiging long term problem ng Pilipinas kung aaprubahan ang BBL? Jan magisismula yan. Magkakaroon ng sariling police force, sariling army, and worst, in the future, they will harbor extremist din dahil maoobliga silang tumulong and bwalah! We will have ISIS Mindanao Chapter. Magkakaroon ng training facilities sa Mindanao and ano ang pinakamalapit na lugar to terrorize? Luzon and Visayas.

    Yung mga minority-minority yan eh matagal na sana nawala kung hindi na sila binigyan ng privileges. When I said “nawala” I meant blend. Since nasa Pilipinas naman sila, batas ng Pilipinas ang sundin. Makatao at pro-family ang Constitution ng Pilipinas. Walang masamang idudulot at wala rin rason para gumawa sila ng sariling bersyon nila. Kasi kung bibigyan sila ng pribilihiyo, paano na yung mga Aeta, B’laan at yung iba pang mga katutubo na totoong “May-ari ng Mindanao”? Dapat nga, sumuko na lang sila ng walang ano mang kapalit kasi ang rebelyon ay labag sa batas natin. Ang isang kuminidad ay parang workforce din yan. Dapat, nakikihalubilu ang lahat para nalalaman ang kahinaan at lakas ng bawat isa. Hindi yung pagsasamahin kung sino ang magkakapareho o may parehong paniniwala dahil jan magsisimula ang paksyon. Pag may paksyon….may gulo at pag may gulo…alam na.

    Imulat mo ang mata mo at kung “nagpapapogi” ka lang sa isinulat mo ay sana hindi mo na ginawa. Taga Mindanao ako at sasabihin ko sa ‘yo na yang BBL na yan, hindi ikauunlad at ikapapayapa ng Pilipinas yan. Maniwala ka.

    Nagcomment ako in Filipino kasi baka marami makabasa ng isinulat mo. Gusto kong bigyan ng pagkakataon ang mga tao na mag-isip at huwag na basta-basta na lang maniwala sa pinagandang isinulat mo.

      • Thank you. I did not want to write something against this article or the person who wrote it but I cannot turn a blind eye and let those young minds who may stray and be poisoned with this.

    • Tama ka diyan,,karapatan naman ng sumulat ng article na to magpahayag ng opinyon niya,,yun nga lang sa panaginip lang niya ata naisip tong nilalaman ng article niya na kulang kulang.
      Una yung sa hindi dapat suportahan yung Hari ng Jordan,foremost labas na tayo sa political at country affairs ng bansa niya.
      Ang sakin dito eh yung initiative niya na kahit hindi natin alam kung agenda lang ba or to control the people eh siya pa din ang nagsimula ng hakbang to initiate the attack.
      At military person siya in the 1st place,,special forces commander b4 naging hari.
      Kaya alam niya pakiramdam ng isang mista,,unlike penoy na videogamer at buhay single. Nothing against penoy pero hindi niya kasi alam yung pakiramdam onnl that perspective.
      Iniisio niya puro Economic gains about the foreign investments which is somehow good. Pero yung pagbuo ng BBL to provide everlasting Peace..
      Kahit sa panaginip malabo.
      Kahit ano pang sabihin ng milf na hindi nila kasapi biff,,magkakamaganak lang mga yan magkakatabi ng bahay. Kaya parang kagaguhan ng gobyerno natin kung papaniwalaan nila yung.
      One good example is marwan.
      Nsa gitna ng mga teritoryo nila.
      Ano to lokohan?
      Over protected?
      Lahat ng magtatangkang papasok,,may possibility na hindi na makalabas.
      Kung babasahin niyo maigi BBL even from a person na hindi lawyer or hindi about law ang govt ang course maiintindihan eh..
      Own police force.
      Spliting ng national resources.
      1st part na to para magsarili sila.
      Pag eto lumusot,,susunod na yung sarili nilang military with equipment.
      Baka may maging malakas pa sa afp to.

      At may financiers milf which we know eh ung laging nakapabor sa kanila na bansa..

  6. ISIS vs King of Jordan
    Isis kills people because they have different religion, they forget to wear head scarf, listen to music, love western things, they are gay, kidnap kids, they have manual how to rape kids And then sell them as slaves. They want a caliphate to rule the workd under Sharia and people either convert to Islam or be subjugated and basically enslaved.
    King of Jordan wants to destroy ISIS.
    Filipinos are Christians
    You can speak about politics and history and all the bullcrap, about how much King of Jordan is a hypocrite, if you support evil, you’re the supidiest, idiotic, moron in this planet! Or you must be a part of evil propaganda.

  7. Just a few opinions about your article Definitely Filipino:


    >Radical Islam did not come from the mismanagement of the US Gov’t during the aftermath of the war in Iraq, it came much MUCH earlier during the creation of Wahabbism in Saudi Arabia, and also from the Aftermath of the Soviet-Afghanistan War, because the Taliban came from the Mujahideen.

    >The United State’s mismanagement of Iraq after the War is only a continuation of said Radicalization. Placing complete total blame on the US only indicates that you still have much to learn about World History, and not just from any random historical/political article you find on the internet, whose credibility is very questionable. learn 2 read more actual history books pls.

    Now for my opinions:

    >Jordan may not be one of the shining beacons of the world, but they’re certainly far more progressive than most other ME countries. It’s one of the few Middle Eastern countries where Homo Sexuality isn’t considered a crime, and also where many Christians can live in peace. They also take steps to empower their women, by giving them more job opportunities as evidenced in a Nat Geo documentary I had watched before. Another thing is that for the time being, many Arab people would be much better off with a “Dictator” or Monarch with a lot of power, why? Because Democracy is still a very new concept for most Middle Eastern people. It will take a long time for them to adjust to it, just as a country like Myanmar did.

    So just because you seem to have this idealistic view of the world, doesn’t mean the reality will be the same. You have to accept the Geopolitical realities of the current situation today, no matter how much you wish for peace in the middle east.

    >Filipinos wishing for Action and War against the MILF is justified, The killing of the 44 SAF commandos, and the continuous terrorism being committed by the MILF is MORE THAN ENOUGH reason to wipe these vermin out.

    >And finally TRASH THAT STUPID BBL… It is the one of the most selfish, and near sighted deals many (not all) of these Muslim Filipinos could ever hope for. Why? Because it promotes the kind of “Special Treatment” these muslims get which is utterly BULLSH*T. Just because you have a religion different from other people, doesn’t mean you can use that as a f*cking excuse to screw the majority over and split from the nation. Aren’t they part of the same race? They’re also Malay, and their culture is also too similar with other Filipinos.

    >Another reason WHY the BBL should be trashed and rejected is because Mindanao is the Food Basket of the Philippines. If all the other filipinos let them keep the land there for themselves, where are the rest of the non-muslim filipinos going to plant their crops and get their food? Doesn’t sound very appealing to you now does it?

    And finally, your misspelling and use of Ad Hominem, AND Strawman tactics Destroy any credibility you had with this article…. Enjoy being ridiculed now for utterly trying to misinform already MANY uninformed Filipinos about the state of the world today. It’s people like you who use words like “Privilege” and “Keyboard Warriors” that leads me to conclude that you’re just another Social Justice Piece of Turd.

    • Agree to most of your comment except the food basket thing. If Mindanao indeed is that valuable (food basket) then we should develop it so that all will benefit- but for now one of the seeds of dissent is that the region despite being food basket is poor ergo- they are being exploited by capitalist Manila. This is one point that should be corrected to attain peace. Now the scary part of your comment is that your comment on this seems to sound as if you are part of the exploiters- there is a better way of phrasing this comment so as not to sound that way.

      • No my comment doesn’t need to be “re-phrased” because nowhere in my comment did I ever mention exploiting the farmers, the only thing I typed about Mindanao is that EVERYONE not just Muslims, should have the right/privilege to utilize that land. The whole capitalist exploitation part is a different subject. We are on the subject of geopolitics.

  8. i really dont have much info about this… but as long as the government and the terrorists are concerned it is always the government’s priority to secure the welfare of its people (safety). And surely every terrorist knows that, that is why they harm the innocent so that they could make demands. Lets consider discussions of solutions such as peace treaty or stuff like that, every peace treaty has a price and it comes Big time. A government is not called a government if it cannot uphold its sovereignty over everything under its governance and this what we call anti government movers or terrorists is just one the million causes of a major disturbance.. so if i were to be asked of whats my take i’d say go and exterminate the pest u dont need pest in your “farm” right? and for the record, Peace cannot be obtained in the absence of War. 🙂 so has it been, so it is still, and will always be….

  9. I support the actions of eradicating the ISIS but not the politics behind it. Just think about the barbaric ways the ISIS are doing now throwing people 180ft because they were gay, stoning women for adultery, burning their own muslim brother and so on.

  10. I think Robert Heinlein has an appropriate response in Starship Troopers regarding your points: “Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”, and on the subject of history, please pay mind to how Carthage fell, before saying “violence never solves anything”.

  11. have you ever read the BBL draft submitted to the congress & senate for approval? they will have their own government, their own territory, and their own flag, aside from all other issues, which is actually separating themselves from our central government, and as nation as a whole! come on guy’s! NO TO BBL, ONE FLAG, ONE NATION, ONE PHILIPPINES!

  12. 1. This matter is an internal matter for Jordan, people are not supporting this “autocrat” ruling but rather the actions taken to fight the group ISIS
    2. Propaganda it may (Jordanian government already cleared up that the king isnt really directly involved in the sorties and frontlines)
    3. Saying that “The reason why some privileged idiotic Filipinos support war” is too heavy handed. True enough that war isnt the best for both groups but the country is grief stricken with the actions of MILF and BiFF who in fact Overkilled the SAF force. Revolutionary force or whatever they are still under Philippine Law and should not in ANY circumstance harbor an international terrorist who is responsible for the deaths of civilians in our neighboring country.
    4. What does the ROOT of ISIS have to do anything with their Current actions now? Beheading journalists every month ? ordering genocide ? selling humans (children in particular) ? and most importantly Burning the Jordanian Pilot ALIVE. This is something that is inhumane and just pure Evil. Political, Religious, or Cultural whatever the reason nothing of the such should be used as a reason for such actions.

    Conclusion: True that war is not simple as sending people on the battlefield but people wanting and yearning for ACTION from the government similar to the Jordanian government is not unusual nor unwarranted. As far as i also dont think war against the MILF is the best answer for everything if they dont respect or follow the current ruling that the government has over them then they should feel the full force of its ENFORCEMENT.

  13. “From a long term perspective, all out war will be disastrous for Jordan
    economically and might increase the ranks of the ISIS because of the
    airstrikes, as some of the people would take up arms to avenge their
    relatives which could become a bigger problem in the future.”

    Last time I checked, the majority of the ranks of ISIS consist of brainwashed people being lured by their savvy tact in the use of social media with their relatives unaware and against it after unfortunately finding out that their sons and daughters joined ISIS. While there are a lot who are forcefully conscripted else their families will be killed. And then some of them are children with mental disabilities snatched by ISIS to be used as suicide bombers.

    Now tell me….are these relatives going to be taking up arms to avenge their relatives to help the very people they resent? Hmmmm? That really doesn’t make any sense, does it?

  14. Regardless of how he runs his country he is still helping the whole world into killing these pest… every country has its own way of running things lets not be too political and try to sound intelligent we all had our history lesson thank you very much. If you dont agree with what he is doing go ahead and join isis my friend and die with them

    • ” If you dont agree with what he is doing go ahead and join isis my friend and die with them”. Why would you say that? I might have cast my ballot for Mr. Duterte of Davao, but I don’t agree for all what he has been doing. Do you meant I should join Mr. Duterte Police Force? I like Jesus Christ teachings; do you meant I should join the Catholic Priesthood? I like what the King of Jordan was doing in bombing the ISIS, but don’t tell me to join his Air Force.

  15. sometimes PACIFISM is not always the answer because there are people who think that war/violence is their only answer… remember that in every problem, there is always 2 solutions. the good & the bad or the easy & the hard… it is always up to you so please, dont tell every filipino to stop supporting.. its every filipinos choice… maybe half of us support and half of us didnt… so just let it be…

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