Who Killed the Chicken First?


Between Pappi’s mouth hanged the carcass of a badly mangled gamecock. His teeth sinking repeatedly into its feathers and skin as blood came spurting out of the holes, and staining my 7 month old dog’s white coated fur. His beastly feature reminded me of his ancestry, but those eyes told me an inner truth. He didn’t kill the chicken. At least not the first one to, so who killed the chicken first?

Worried about Pappi’s future I decided to gain insight about the fowl’s murder by using an oracle deck that comprised of 36 playing cards called the Lenormand. After locking myself in my room then sat near the bedside table I began by writing down a simple but blunt question.

“Who killed the chicken first?” Scribbling hard on a third grader’s brown paper. I grabbed my cards began to shuffle and choose one card after another until I created a three card spread. I flipped the cards for answers and it said…

Man + Clouds + Book

Now I’m not a psychic however seeing these three only raised my suspicions against the owner. I’ve already felt something was severely off and all that led to the owner and the owner’s paid attendant. How could they have not noticed their chicken being strangled in the first place? A thought that had escaped the minds of my brother and father as they went out to meet with the bereaved owners.

As the owner of a dog I can say I am responsible for my dog’s action. But being the owner of an animal I would surely know how my pet would react in the face of danger, and it’s impossible to think that a gaming cock bred and raised to compete in derby’s to fulfill their master’s gambling needs couldn’t fend for itself. How do they train these chickens to fight? Or do they come naturally such as beastly instincts, like the way my dogs would lick and tear apart the perfectly coiled pads I’ve thrown away. How do they even know where to find them? A disgusting info but something I should think about. Their keen sense of smell did help them, but it also brought them bad luck.

I’ve done my research about dogs having these murderous traits, but these poultry pillaging happens in succession and not in a single event. Their choice of meat are newly hatched chicks and what Pappi had in his mouth was an adult gamecock which is too large to be mauled easily, and compared to chicks I knew my dog’s mouth couldn’t easily scoop their fine feathered friend into become quick chow.

Lenormand Dog
Lenormand Fox

After transcribing the oracle’s message I relayed the information to my mother who was distraught. Our conversation led to many speculations ranging from an ill-devised plot created by the owner, a conniving male youth who was having financial difficulties in the form of debts, and so he either poisoned the chicken or the chicken had died in a fight hours before Pappi had found it (Observing my dog’s even though they are domesticated they still retain their base instincts from the wild, and dogs often loved to carry and lie on spoiled dead things. The scent makes them crazy. The scent of old dried blood turns them on like a man hunting down the pheromone’s of a fertile woman.) I did believe in poisoning because in derby’s as my father explains, gamecocks fight with poisoned blades attached to their legs and death is inevitable if the chicken slashes its opponent or the human owner with it.

The second speculation that my mother concocted was her childhood experience from witnessing several corpses of dogs that were maimed in their own pool of blood. The old folks from the province knew that the murderer of these types of sudden death could be a Sigbin, and for the modern city folk they called it the Chupacabra based from popular paranormal investigations straight from the US of A.

These cryptozoids have the same interest for maiming, mauling, draining, and spreading blood and guts from both farm and domesticated animals.But still my doubts and suspicions are specially reserve for the owners. And whatever killed the chicken first was probably the owner, a cryptozoid, or nature herself.

But either way the chicken’s dead. And someone has to pay for damages.

Moral of the story: Man & Animal are both mammals from the same food chain. Whoever outlast the other is probably the better species.