Who am I?


I’m unrighteous and I admit I don’t know You much, but I believe in You and all the miracles you’ve made in me. Since I was young, I believe that good deeds count and that You’re always there watching over us.

Sincerely, I tried to be the kindest creation You have but I can’t. People frown at me but I used to smile back at them. They irritate me, fail me and step on me, I get mad but never too long. I used to forget and forgive cause I believe in you. And my conscience tells me that it’s unkind to keep anger in my heart.
I may be broken and alone here but I know I always have You. And though I sometimes forget, You never fail to remind me You’re always around me. Every time You work on my life I felt like you’re hugging me. I feel stronger. I feel comforted. I feel how much I am loved.
I’m a sinner and I don’t deserve anything you’ve given me. I most of the time feel uncomfortable of asking things from You, I’m hesitant because of all the things I’ve done. I’ve often told you that I’ll accept whatever it is You have for me. But You always get back to me with an overwhelming response. And You’re the only one who knows how MUCH I am thankful for everything.
You never fail to amaze me. Thank You for working through my life despite all my shortcomings, despite all the things I used to forget, despite of all the things I lack.
I may dry my tears to show how thankful and blessed I’m feeling but it can never be enough for everything You’ve done for me.
I don’t have anything to give you in return but I’ll work hard despite all the difficulties just to be a good follower of You. I love you!

About Sham

My sweetest escape will always be my second universe (writing) not unless YOU have some idea. 🙂