Where is Your Relationship Headed?

Relationships build a person, a family, a nation, and the world.

Relationships have potential to enrich our sense of life, and add pleasure to living, may it be with oneself, with family, friends and even with a stranger. However, at some point these said relationships may also cause us pain, anxiety, and even harm. Relationship is vital to human beings. But perfect doesn’t exist in this world and that doesn’t exclude relationships. At some point there is a need to ask where ones relationship is headed? Therefore, one must bear in mind that s/he deserves to be in a healthy relationship and should not allow oneself to be entrapped in an unhealthy relationship.

Every healthy relationship is based when two people build and developed a connection on mutual respect, trust, love, honesty, fairness (equality), separate identities, and fondness. To maintain a healthy relationship both must take work, and this applies to all; family, friendship, work relationship, and especially romantic relationships.
Being in a healthy relationship brings happiness than stress into one’s life, that’s why most people tell you that you’re glowing when you’re in such relationship. Though, stress will be present at some point, one must need to prevent a prolonged mental, physical and emotional stress that might lead to an unhealthy relationship.
Here are some characteristics that exhibit in an unhealthy relationship. These are rather frequent occurrence and causes pressure and tension that are hard to avoid which might also lead to problems in other aspects of one’s life. And, one is in an unhealthy relationship if:

• You put your partner before you by neglecting yourself- being in a relationship don’t give you permission to neglect yourself, nor your partner the right to be the reason why you should. Love fully but remember not to lose yourself in the process.

• You feel the pressure to change who you are- there’s no point in changing who you are if you’re in a healthy relationship, in the first place who you are is the reason why s/he chooses to have a relationship with you. It’s great to be a better you, but completely changing who you are is another story.

• You feel that you’re losing your identity- no matter who you’re with, and how long you’ve been with a person, one must never forget her/his identity. If the relationship in the long run doesn’t ends well, all you’ve got is yourself. And not knowing who you are in the ends hurts more than the fact that the other person left you.

• You feel being manipulated or one attempts to control each other- in an unhealthy relationship, one feels the need to attempt to control and manipulate the other if s/he does not feel secure with her/his partner.

• Do not make time to spend with each other- though there’s a saying that absences makes the heart grow fonder, also be reminded that there’s a contradictory notion which says out of sight, out of mind.

• There’s a lack of equality- both must remember that each person has a right, and must respect that right. S/he should be treated equally at all times.

There are more other characteristics, but if your relationship have some of this characteristics this doesn’t means that you need to end it right there and then. Re-evaluate the circumstances and give yourself and your partner a chance to patch things up, but also you must need to ask where your relationship really headed and if still worth the fight is? Lastly, you must need to know when it isn’t and isn’t over.


  1. ang alam ko lang .. di totoo ung OPPOSITES ATTRACT when it comes to a relationship… nakaapgod mag-adjust …. i have been married for 14 yrs,i cant say i didnt try hard … minsan may mga bagay talgang need magtapos kc di na kayo naggo-grow pareho … di naman ibig sabihin naghiwalay kayo, u do not know how to love eh … relationship is COMMITMENT! kung wala un, wala mangyayari .. kahit anong bait ng asawa mo kung kulang naman sa pagsisikap, namamtay rin ang pagibig … jsut saying … peace!

  2. Love has no bounds… it strikes in different direction, it hits you by surprise. No matter how control freak you are, when your heart starts to beat there is no sense of it… Love only feels.

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