When Romeo Leaves Juliet

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Life is so unfair. It makes me sick all the time. It always offers things that would never be mine. I wonder why?

I don’t want to live in misery; to be cynical about life. But when you left me, almost half of my heart died. Then, I ended up in my present situation: miserable and hopeless.

I want to live the life that I never got to enjoy. I thought it would give me so much happiness and joy. But I was wrong. Everytime I realize how difficult it is to live without you, I never stop hurting myself. My decision to leave was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I thought it was the right thing to do. I came up with such a decision for us to grow independently and for us to see what the world could offer to us.

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I pity myself. I’m always haunted by the memories of yours.  I end up crying until my last teardrops fall. I’m drowning from loneliness. I’m always asking myself why you had to go when you already knew how much pain it will cause me. I’d never curse you nor hate you. I love you so much to do such a thing. You’re the best thing that happened for me. Allowing myself to be hurt because of what you had done is the greatest foolish thing that I’ve ever done.

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Regrets. Yes, full of regrets. This is what engulfs me in my whole life since the day I left you. Although I became successful in my chosen field and was sought by eminent people, it feels nothing to me. It was nothing compared to when I was with you. 

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Romeo, today is my wedding day. This is the day that most women in the world dream of. I finally found out the reasons why you left. And literally, I finally found who I am. I am free now. I allowed myself to be happy again. I’ve now learned what love is… thank you, for leaving me before.

Juliet, I wore my tuxedo this day. I’m going to attend one of the most memorable moments in every man’s life. Like you, I am free now. I will marry the woman that I have ever loved, and thank God – it happens to be you!

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