When a parent has Alzheimer’s disease

Anybody here who has or had a parent with Alzheimer’s disease?

My Mom is 77, bedridden and had 2 silent strokes already. Been taking care of her since. Lost her speech but makes the closest sounds to a baby below one year old.

She’s in the 6th stage, sadly, and I must admit I am scared for her. Taking care of her is NO problem esp as I work from home — and I am a very patient person (God-given). But the emotional burden can be too heavy at times, feeling too sad for her, knowing she wants to be up and about again, singing and dancing again, going about the house — but can’t.

She loved to dance and sing (video taken only in June)

Her first stroke happened only on June 21, the second on June 29. Twice hospitalized — and it was all downhill since then.Her vital signs are all ok for now, but the dreaded stage has moved to 6 and she has forgotten us; well, most of the time she can’t name us anymore. I see her frustration not being able to rise up and shine again. I see her tears slowly fall. And all I could do is hug her and whisper everything’s going to be all right.

She has pulled her NGT and her catheter tube many times, despite our efforts to restrain her able left arm. She cries when we tie her arm to the side of the bed, but if we don’t she would scratch herself and hurt herself; like she can’t feel anymore. She would pull her diaper, mess herself in the process, throw pillows and blankets around. Or put things inside her mouth — like a toddler who has no idea of what is edible or not.

I sleep with her and hold her hand most of the time when I’m in bed as she looks confused and cries agonizingly every once in a while. Can’t help but cry, too. She’s already half paralyzed (right side), but makes an effort many times to move with her left.


I spoon feed her, clean her up everyday, with the assistance of my stay-in scholars sometimes or my sons and I found out music and movies of Nora Aunor (and Tirso Cruz III – aka Guy and Pip) relaxes her. She hums or sings (as best she can). At times I try my best to make her recall us; Dad, anyone in the family through photos and videos or simply talking to her.












Why am I sharing this? Why am I asking if anyone has experienced a parent with Alzheimer’s?

I really don’t know why.

Perhaps I just want to pour out my fears, my hurts…especially as she’s on Stage 6. Perhaps I also want to know how others are dealing with the condition, or how they dealt with it.

This is one of those moments when you just feel so helpless because you can’t do anything else about it. Except pray, pray, pray of course. And try to give her the best of what we can to give her a quality life (what’s left of it).

Maybe I just need a hug… (sigh)


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