When Love is Right

What, when, and how would you define right love?

Is there such a thing as wrong love?

Here are some instances, you decide 🙂


Case 1

She said “I love him so much, I would do everything / anything to make him happy. I never felt like this before…oh my Gosh, I don’t know what to do without him in my life…I really love him.” She is a certified single and is referring to a legally married man in the full sense of the word.

Is love right? Most of us would say it is not because the man is married, and maybe has children, and therefore, should just be contented with his family. On the other hand, she should just try to focus her attention on somebody else. There are many here and out there who are certified bachelors and could guarantee one way or another, a happy love affair and ultimately a family, without hurting someone else, and without possibly ruining somebody else’s future. The question is what if that someone  does not come along?

Case 2

“I love her. I don’t care if she’s married, or has children. She has been separated for years; her ex-husband is now cohabiting with another woman, and has children of their own. I would do my best to fulfil what her ex-husband failed to do. She deserves a second chance to be happy for the rest of her life with me…” says a bachelor.

Is love right? Some of us would say it is not and some would say yes it is. There are some who would raise legality and moral issues. But  as far as love is concerned, does it have the right to exist? What if that man is seriously in love with that woman, for real?

Case 3

“Babe, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me…my day is complete whenever I see you…” says a woman with a child, abandoned by her husband, to a bachelor, 19 years old and younger than her. She’s madly in love with this guy.

Is love right? Many would say no, some would say yes. Just like Case 1, legality and morality could be an issue. Some would say, “that guy could just be using the woman, for whatever purpose, it could not be real love, given his age”. On the other hand, some would say the woman may just be longing for the presence of her husband. What if this woman is really in love for real?

Case 4

 “I love you”, says a guy. “I love you, too”, says a gal. Both are either certified single, never been married, or one became legally single again.

Is love right? Most of us would say yes it is for various reasons. The common denominator is that neither of the two is in any way constrained to commit themselves to the love they feel. Hence, love has the full rights to exist. Is it?

Case 5

Here are some matches for this case:

Man – 22, Woman – 38

Man – 50, Woman – 25

Man – 6’1”, Woman – 4’11”

Man – 4’11”, Woman – 5’8”

Man – Beast, Woman – Beauty or vice versa (example lang po)

You may enumerate some matches that you could imagine; qualities where some question marks would have been drawn into your minds upon seeing these couples. The question is, out of those qualities that drove them together, can we say that love is right?

What is love per se after all? And who has the right to fall in love? What should be the basis so that love is truly righteous? What is the correct formula for us to call it right? When and where can we say that love deserves to exist? Love comes unforeseen, and at times, unexpectedly. So how can we say one has the right, and the other one does not? What might be true in this place could be another story in that place. What might be acceptable to you may not be acceptable to me. What you like, maybe unlikable to others.

In each case above, there will be pros and cons. In the same way, each of the family members of both sides could have different perceptions or tolerance to the relationships we have with our partner. Some relatives might agree and some would disagree. Sounds familiar huh?

What if you’re in this kind of situation, in any case given above, and one of your friends, or family member, or relative, is against to your loved one, what would you do? Are you gonna fight and defend your relationship? Or you’re gonna leave the person you said you love. What if one of your friends, or parents, or relative, said “this is not right and I want you to end this up or else we’ll forget you…” What would you do then? Are you gonna stand for your love? Or you’ll gonna submit to their will. What if your mother says “No” and your father says “Yes”, which one would you follow?

So, as the song goes “Yes, it’s sad to belong to someone else, when the right one comes along.” Is it the right love that comes, in a time and place where it shouldn’t be?

You decide guys 🙂

author: Ronn

(Author’s note: This write-up was inspired by a friend’s love story…I dedicate this to her & your comments will be forwarded…)

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