When a Mother Becomes a Killer

Mother in jail (Photo Credit: Womenonlockdown)
Mother in jail (Photo Credit: Womenonlockdown)


Isa akong taong maraming ginagawa sa buhay;  tuloy hindi ko na tuloy namalayan na wala na pala akong oras for my family.

I evolved  myself at home and work; and nothing else. I forgot  that someone was waiting for my hugs, kisses and attention.  When I woke up  the next morning, the most special person I love was gone.  He just left me a note telling me my faults. I cried out so loud.  It hurts. It hurts not because he left me.  It hurts because the truth struck my heart. It was my fault.

Mother in jail   (Photo Credit:  Womenonlockdown)
Mother in jail (Photo Credit: Womenonlockdown)

The next thing I knew I fell in love for the second time around. I promised to give him time.  My kids love my idea since they have someone to called daddy!  We didn’t get married yet because of my past relationship.  It was not a problem with him. We had been living together for 5  years now, and I don’t see any problem with our situation.

When I arrived  home, my eldest daughter  who  is already  12 years old was lying  on her bed. She was bleeding. I asked her why.  She said “tito raped me.” I was shocked, and didn’t know what to do with my daughter.   In her eyes I  saw  her agony and helplessness. As her mother ,I had mixed emotions. I felt pity, anger with the one who did it to her, and of course, with myself.  Of all people, why my child?

I sat in front of her and wiped her face. I vehemently  said we will fight and put him in jail. But she didin’t like my idea. I didn’t notice my man was just behind; watching us with his devilish smile. Without second thought,  I slowly pullled out my pen knife which was always in my pocket.

I grabbed him. I killed him. I didn’t feel sorry for what I did. My child saw it.  She hysterically shouted. Our neighbors heard her.

I ended in jail. But I have no regrets. I was able to give justice to my child. I am a mother who will do anything and everything for her children.


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