What It Was Like To Love Him

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Loving him is like being unearthed, and was brought to light in a flash of glory. And loving me in return is like being seen after a perpetual darkness and being heard after a period of silence.

The day my heart started beating for him, was the day my whole life started to change.

He became the reason for every transition there is in me. It’s like being exhumed and was brought back to life the second time around. He is the reason why I learned to stop weighing the negativity in my life. He taught me stop saying yes to things I have no desire. He taught me to see the good in every bad and the positive in every negative, he is the reason why I learned to always see the brighter side of everything.

He taught me to stand up for myself and tell the world how I feel. I learned how to stop all the unnecessary drama in my life and just let everything be as it is. I learned to renew my life, breathe in and breathe out everything that consumes me and kiss them goodbye.

Him, loving me, is like seeing light amidst the dark, and being heard in a lifetime of silence. And reminiscing how our paths crossed that one plain, gloomy afternoon where everything started made me think, will everything be the same if that afternoon never happened?

He was a dream come true, a gift sent from above.

Amazing how God has heard me praying for someone who would love me unconditionally, the perfections and the flaws and gave him in an instant. He was a blessing for my heart in disguise and since then I have always believed, we are a match made in heaven.

If someone would ask me, what it would be like to lose him?

It would be like hearing every goodbye ever said to me–all at once.