What Is Your Purpose In Life?

what is your life purpose

So what’s your purpose in life?

Have you ever thought to ask yourself this question?

It is the same question which lingered in my mind throughout the years of my adulthood. Though in my early years of existence, I couldn’t be bothered. And all I ever wanted was to show up to the world, regardless. But as I travelled further down life’s road, in many different directions, from straight ahead to an uneven path road to the unknown, I began to question life and its purpose such as why ‘humans’ were sent to earth to live.

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So, What Is Your Purpose In Life?

prhaps you could take a look at yourself, just like I did. I was surprised at what I found which leads me to become a spiritual person. The fact that we are a soul being, standing in our physical body. Yes, I do get that.

But finding our life purpose takes long and hard to find. Because everyone has their own opinion to the extent where you can get confused, and get carried away to stay within your comfort zone.

A place where you feel physically and financially secure. Though you knew there are other things you wanted to accomplish beforehand or even before your time is up. Agree? You have no other choice, but to bid farewell. And say, bye self, see you to the next. But wait, would it be nice if we manage to accomplish our life purpose before we even say goodbye?

Because we aren’t just born to live nor to pay the bills on time. Or even worst, to work hard until the last day of our breath. Not entirely. Though it is part of our human existence to contribute and be part of the growing society. In a sense that we have to learn to make a living that sparks joy to our soul. But what about if we do things differently? And that will lead us to find the answer to the said question.

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What Is Your Purpose In Life?

Given the fact you have a job that provides you an income, enable you to move through life freely. Though, not in a full phase. Deep inside you know something is missing and that you want to move forward. But, you couldn’t move an inch.

Above scenario is quite a norm. On my own, I did a bit of an experiment until I found the link to the missing piece.

It is when I realized that blogging is my passion. I just found out I love to express my opinions and thoughts through words. And every word you happen to read comes from my inner being. I could see myself travelling the world while sharing my words to the masses. And that is my life purpose. To feel upbeat, to inspire, and to uplift other people.

How about you?

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