What does our culture say when our politicians brazenly lie to their teeth, while you eat your cake?

Photo credit to ballsand wallnutscom
Photo credit to ballsand wallnutscom
Photo credit to ballsand wallnutscom

Filipinos have a tremendous sense of patience when it comes to erring politicians. We do not go to the street and break store window glasses like in Europe or burn tires, or flip cars on the street and create chaos. We just watch the hearing like it is a boxing match, and go to social media afterwards, to vent out all our agonies after a day of another expose.

We are too tame which is incredibly admirable for a race that has been so abused by it’s own public servants for a long period of time.

Yet another season of telenovelas will come and go — and this Senate hearing will be just like another one of them — it will just disintegrate into oblivion. I have yet to see a high government official rot in jail, instead of gaining freedom, after another official sits in power.

However, I would rather have this than nothing at all — so that the people will know, what our dear darling favorite candidate in every election, does, once they are seated in their office. It is a never-ending story of families in the public service who gets rich beyond their realistic means to earn such vast amount of money and acquire unimaginable assets.

The sad fact is the public can only bash and curse their way online, to get even to a seemingly deaf and unperturbed, ducking public official. A lashing, which cannot quench the thirst of disgruntled masses especially the hardworking taxpayers who felt, was robbed of the services those stolen money could have given them.

However, a politician that appears to be standing on a pedestal of trust — given by people who have tasted the so-called generosity and people herding of such politician.

A modern day witch, who lets you bite on a cake, instead of a poisoned apple, does anyone here want some cake? Politicians caught with unexplained wealth uses all kinds of tricks that any magician would have to retire in shame. They brush off and twiddle their thumb while the public eagerly waits, for a direct denial supported with legitimate and verifiable evidences.

But, no! They lie to their teeth and hide under the cloak of political persecution. Why do they lie to us? Because they can and because lying is their mother tongue. Lying it seems is a more acceptable and forgivable crime than stealing in the Philippines society.

People would rather lie, than be called a thief and that is very glaring, especially in politics where money is accessible. They would lie even if they were caught with stolen money in their mouths.

Unimaginable and painful as it seems, half of the population who supports this politician, will continue to cheer him to avoid the investigation.

Next time we accept gifts or pastry in particular from a politician — make sure it does not affect our brains; otherwise, we will be an accessory to our own doom.

We have to remember, the office — any government office for that matter, represents a service that the public requires. Anyone who sits in that office is duty bound to deliver such service. It is not out of his doing or his own generosity that we are being served.

We deserve such service because we pay our taxes. The office will remain, even if we drag him out of there.

They can lie to us — as long as we continue to eat their cake.

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