We’re not the greatest, but we act like it

This was on Miss Angola's FB page.

The following is the author’s own opinion. Should you care to go against it, feel free to do so.

“Oh god. We lost again. ” I said that out loud as I was listening to the radio announcing the results of the Miss Universe pageant. In reality, I didn’t care who won, I was, in fact, saying that because of the uproar that would surely follow Shamcey’s defeat. You see, I’m all for supporting Filipino Talent, and I was disappointed at her loss, but the after-effect of her loss was what I was truly dreading.

When the results of the Miss Universe pageant was released, there was a torrent of outrage against the pageant (and Miss Angola) and  sympathies and accolades for Miss Shamcey Supsup. “Why couldn’t she win? She’s beautiful AND smart! She spoke in perfect English and didn’t need an interpreter. Plus, we all voted!” Don’t try to deny it. You thought that way too. I do too.

People were mad. Or the internet made it seem so. Whatever the case, there were people who posted all over Facebook, taking shots at Miss Angola and the judges. There were people who called Lea Salonga a traitor, and others who made up quotes from celebrities like Oprah.

But when I did check Miss Angola’s fan page, I was incredibly dissatisfied. There were lots of Filipino “Haters.” Many of them were mad, and took their anger to a fan page. Stuff like “Congratulations to your interpreter Miss Angola” or “I still like Miss Supsup better.”It seems that we Filipinos are acting like children.

This was on Miss Angola's FB page.

Thousands of Filipinos voted for Shamcey, many of them believing this was an instant ticket to victory, but some didn’t even bother to clarify anything. Winning in the online vote is just a guarantee to get a higher score and skip a few rounds, not winning.

I’m not saying she’s not deserving, being cum laude and topping an exam is hard. I’m not even sure about my own exam results.

What ticks me off is that we love to make up facts (like the “Oprah said this”) or try to include ourselves as the best in everything. I recall a list counting off the most important revolutions that ever happened, and Filipinos became mad over EDSA not being included. People even went on to say “it’s the ONLY peaceful revolution in the world!” Apparently, Gandhi is violent.

The truth is that we’re not the greatest country in the world. We’re also not the greatest race. This “Ang galing talaga ng pinoy!” mentality loses meaning when we continue to copy American HipHop, submit to Western brands, and fight against those who wish to advance our country. Let’s face it, we HATE criticisms.

When Alec Baldwin made the comment on Filipina Mail-order brides, how do you think he made that statement? Why would he say it if it wasn’t general assumption? Of course, it is bad to say such things but the fact he said it should be a wake-up call.

I saw it before. Women go to America just to find husbands, then divorce them when they get their green card. It would be okay to marry if they truly loved the person and kept the marriage, but they made money the reason, not love. For a country so entrenched in love, family values, and religion, the practice of gold-digging has become common.

Young Filipinas get tricked into prostitution by human traffickers offering husbands and jobs abroad, most of them never finding their way back home. Sometimes, people look to foreigners, and by extension, OFWs and Filipino Immigrants, as nothing more than bags of money; A get-rich quick scheme. If we’re so hurt by a joke, shouldn’t we be hurt  by the truth?

The truth hurts. We have to deal with it. Miss Angola was probably better liked by the judges. Whatever the case,we won’t advance our country if we get mad over little things. We won’t become what we imagine ourselves to be if we just imagine; we need action. And so, if you really want to prove me wrong, don’t comment, go out and make it true.


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