We Filipinos Are Very Much Becoming an Uncivilized Society!

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So, are we really becoming more and more uncivilized society? In my opinion, we’re fast becoming more and more uncivilized society and right now, we are not civilized anymore. Politicians and citizens alike are destroying the foundation of our nation apart.

Moral rules exist to protect our own welfare, and the welfare and the rights of other people around us.

In general, if people stick to the rules, then any system will work efficiently, every individual will co-operate with one another, and everyone’s happiness will be secured and protected for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.

MORAL – concerned with or relating to human behavior, especially the distinction between good or bad or right and wrong behavior that generally accepted by society.

However, people don’t always keep to the rules. We are becoming uncivilized for not following the norms of the society. We choose to behave like not a full human being anymore, where people are behaving abnormal ways and calling it normal.

I’m very unfavorable when it comes to killing like the Maguindanao Massacre or is similar to this incident where brutal acts of violence are repeatedly inflicts on innocent people.

When did we become a barbaric nation?

Every second, every minute, every hour of every day, literally, something is happening in our community that you just wouldn’t believe. I’m hundred percent sure all of us knew about it, and we’re not doing anything about it.

They think we’re stupid, that we have no education, no manners and no respect at all. We get hurt when someone criticizes us that we may find offensive. In fact most of these criticisms are honest. The problem in most cases is we refused to recognize that the problems are within us.

What kind of message are we sending to our children? So, do we have anything worth passing on to the next generation?

The most important thing we’ll ever do for our children is to set an example which will inspire them to be. The bad news is we are sending unhealthy messages to them.

In our country today, few children graduate from secondary school and many don’t even finish primary school. There are numerous reasons, including the difficulty of getting to school and the cost of schooling.

As a result, children at a young age work as beggars, young boys and girls are sold to work and young girls are sold to prostitution by their families. I think it does have very, very damaging effects on young people.

If people can read and write, then they are able to learn more about themselves and their society. Therefore, an educated population tends to be happier and less violent.

Education is used to pass down the moral, values and beliefs of the society from generation to generation.

In this present crisis, governmental agencies and organizations that support and promote quality education is actually claiming that the money is not sufficient enough for these children.

For that reason, many of these children continue to stay ignorant and will stay like that for the rest of their lives, because they are deprived of their right to good quality education.

The country’s political dysfunction has undermined all efforts to build an effective fighting force to overcome the problems in the country.

We have no organized structure to our society with RULES and LAWS that employs morals, ethics, skills, discipline and accountability for our own actions.

I’m now beginning to see that we are now paying a price for this bad behavior. Corruption has become so rampant that criminals are roaming the streets, without any fear. It is sad to say that although we have come a long way, we are still not a civilized society.

Moreover, crime, poverty, poor leadership and corruption as well as poor quality schools in the country make our people more and more uncivilized.

Living in the Philippines, where the RULE-OF-LAW doesn’t exist, means everyone has to look out for their own interest. Our country has a set of rules for its citizens, but politicians and citizens alike don’t follow these rules.

Of course, criminals could not care less what kind of laws get passed, so, they pay no attention to laws anyway. Right now most of them are concentrating on trying to disregard the actual law, and instead implement a non-existent law.

Our country is blanketed with a climate of fear. We have an atmosphere of fear that affects nearly every one. Many people are fear for their own safety. Many innocent people are being killed for no reason.

The crime ranging from extortion, rape, sale of illegal drugs, loan sharking, robbery, kidnapping, murder-for-hire, etc. are not independent random events. They are epidemic that’s taking on a larger scale that is at play. And it’s rapidly escalating everywhere.

We are obviously moving away from the direction of a civilized society. You can’t say literally that we live in a civilized society when the people fear where they live, where they work, where they commute, where they walk and other places people go.

In a civilized society each person can walk anytime without fear on the streets of being robbed, raped, beaten and bullied especially when you’re at home. A safe place to live is a key characteristic of a civilized society. We count on the law to protect us.

Law enforcement officers have a duty to protect the community they serve, its citizens and their property. Law enforcement is supposed to protect people, but in some cities police corruption and abuse of power are commonplace.

Therefore, instead of easing the climate of fear, police and military have added to it.

Whatever be the place is, when corruption starts spreading its roots, it vanishes humanity and give birth to selfishness, brutality and cruelty.

Unfortunately, we are not moving toward a more civilized society, and yet, we’re still moving in a manner that is not acceptable in a civilized society. Our society has become less thoughtful of others and less mindful of manners and self-discipline.

I like to believe that we love our own land, our country, our people and that their history and institutions with a full heart. I want to believe that there’re no beggars sleeping on the streets, sidewalks, overpass, underpass, parks and other places.

I like to believe that people have concern for cleanliness of our environment, that we don’t spit, urinates, defecate on public or on private places. I want to believe that each family has its own toilet.

I like to believe that in our country people are paying respect to one another, if something goes wrong they try to fix it, if they have some misunderstandings they solve and if necessary they apologize.

I want to believe that public transport is well set and you don’t have to sit in public transport like fish in a can. I like to believe people are not pushy, loud, impolite, disruptive and disorderly.

I like to believe we follow the rules of the road, we recognize signs everywhere, and follow them. I like to believe that when girl get pregnant she doesn’t throw her baby away like a piece of trash.

I have many more things to say to you, in fact, we have many others, and much more you can’t bear anymore, but instead of going with them, I will let you find yourself and able to decide if indeed, whether we’re moving backwards instead of forwards.

No country is perfect and of course if the country is moving forward is something you can be proud of. But it will drops down when you see that things have gone worse instead of better.

“If there is something that history has taught us is how fast we are at forgetting our lessons. We are making the future as well as to survive, if we don’t learn from our mistakes, we will keep on repeating the same mistakes, stuck in endless path of greed and self-destruction.”

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