We are a generation of doing things “FOR THE GRAM”

I can’t be any thankful for the blogs, books and devotionals I’ve been reading recently. I feel like it is my responsibility to feed my mind with something that uplifts my spirit and stimulates my mind; that’s why I try to sneak some readings in between my schedule.

I would always go for inspirational , romantic ( Christian-based) and personal development kind of books.

Looking back on my high school and college days, I wasn’t really the book worm type of student , I didn’t take pleasure reading history books and chemistry books. I can remember that some of them looked brand new even at the end of the school year. Yes. But I binge read whenever needed-periodical exams, quizzes , recitations. I wasn’t the student who often gets a Grade A on academics. In fact I had a 77 grade in Mathematics that caused me to slip down the honor roll. I didn’t love math. and it never loved me back.

Nevertheless, I was very active on my extra curricular life back then. I knew my skill set involves public speaking and writing because those are two of the things I was so passionate about. I love that I was part of the debating society and more, as the editor-in-chief of the school publication. I was absolutely in love with the idea of me sharing my thoughts whether it be in arguments or writing per se.

Having said that, I feel like this is what I was exactly made for. For those of you who may have read my *few* blogs in the past, you would know how writing unspeakably gives joy to my heart. Prior to taking up nursing, I was supposed to live up my dreams becoming a journalist but plans and favors changed. I became a nurse. I forgot much of writing. Although its familiarity is still deeply rooted in my heart, I was not able to follow it through. I lost track in the transition.

For years I wasn’t writing articles. I wasn’t into literary pieces , I wasn’t even journaling. To cut it short, I seem to have broken up with a partner – a supposedly long time partner. It was a choice I made. After all, I could have alloted some of my time just to get my writing going but I didnt. sure I have reasons  — I don’t have the luxury of time, I don’t have the right words to say, I don’t know what to write, I don’t think I’m making sense, I dont think I’m a good content creator, Others are better and the list goes on…

As I am writing this I can’t help but feel guilty. For the many wasted years I could have inspired other people, for the many articles I could have written that may have been published or for the many other bloggers who I may have encouraged. Now that I’m maturing in womanhood, this writing thing gives burden in my heart each waking day. It felt like I was being compelled and reminded that I have a job to do.

So what in the world is my reason for sharing this?

I’m sharing this because I want to encourage you, who is currently reading this article, to live a life that is purposeful. To be intentional about your passion. To be exactly who you need to be while you are still able. We often get others saying, ” wait for your turn” – by no means I am against this premise.

In fact, I too have my own series of waiting game but my point is, we have to work while we wait. What if the promise of the wait is far too long? and what if we have not considered doing something worth while during the wait? Do we become proud of ourselves for having to squander so much time when we could have done something great, something meaningful, something that may have added a value onto another life perhaps?

Many of us are walking in life half alive — without really knowing exactly why on earth are our foot set on this land. Many of us follow the norms and the beliefs the society portrays to be beneficial but at the end of the day shows otherwise.

Living in a country which practices democracy and bureaucracy, we are pretty much blessed to have explicit freedom to express our thoughts on simply everything may it be a national issue, politics, religion, culture, governance and the likes thereof. At this time and age of technology, we can do so much. From marketing, advertising, trading, blogging, photography , linguistics and all sorts of trainings for personal development- the digital platform has it all at hand for us.

Back in the early days of our forefathers, there was no internet. No technological advancement like those that we enjoy today nevertheless, they have lived a life of purpose, bravery and determination. This-perhaps is what separates us from them. We are living in a culture that dictates a standard of living that promotes comfort and convenience over a culture that encourages its people to strive. We have been nurturing a generation that’s self-absorbed, complacent and entitled. And no, I am no exception.

We are so accustomed to convenience that it lessened our drive to pretty much everything. We wanted the outcome but never the hard work.

Engulfed in the social media apps–that’s our picture almost always. We are the lazy kids dreaming big but never gets up to work for it because dang, it’s cooler to swipe left and right , double-tapping instagram photos and checking out the latest trends on pinterest. Guilty.

cellphone photo
Photo by FirmBee (Pixabay)

Lifestyle, fashion, travel posts on social media –isn’t it that on most days we do things not because it is necessary but because it is rad, fab and trendy. We seek validation and approval over dreamy vacations and grand dinners. We even buy presets( filters) to beautify our photos. Social media has come a looong way. Comparison and envy breeds over portrayal of unrealistic facade which brings me to the conclusion why more and more people are getting depressed.

The more engrossed we become, the tighter we hold on to conforming to the values and beliefs this society is trying to pin down on our throats. We must unshackle ourselves from the pits of “for the gram” mentality.

Ask someone who’s socially active on the networking sites what was the most fulfilling thing he/she has done for others apart from stalking them. We are the generation who no longer longs to read books more than scrolling our phones, we no longer talk to each other on social gatherings because our eyes are set forth on the screens. We no longer send letters to our loved ones because hey emails and sms are way cooler ! We go on vacations and adventures for show instead of the experience. We raise men with little to no backbone. Not many of us knows well about the market, its growth and its standing in the global economy.Relationships are at disposal. Our household is no longer a nurturing haven. Technological advancement has destroyed relationships closely proportional to those it was able to build. Why? Because we allow it.

What makes life more valuable is not found on the outsides but what we responsibly deposit on the insides.

May we all find our purpose, our passion, our calling. Look beyond your ordinariness because in it lies greatness. Connect with people, join organizations, engage in community projects, spearhead an outreach program. Write that dang article you’ve been wanting to write just as I did. The world would be a better place should people realize life is not about satisfying pleasures of oneself. Because truth is, we can do so much more than doing it “for the gram” .

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