Ways On How Young Parents Can Raise Their Children

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1.Teach your kids to appreciate every food on your table– It is important to instill to them that you work your ass off to give foods for them. Let them understand that local farmers will be so happy if they will eat veggies on their plates.  Appreciation from small things helps your children learn in big ways.

2.  Let them do the dishes– a basic household chore. Discourage your child from engaging in any stuff right after dinner, twitter and Facebook in particular. Tell them to buss out the dishes and even clean the kitchen. Don’t just rely on your nanny. If your kid doesn’t know how to do a simple task, how sure are you that your child will be a successful one?

3.  Explain to them why they have to brush their teeth every after meal– Tell them why they should care for their  personal hygiene. Teach them how to do it in proper ways. Let them feel how is to have a healthy teeth. If they thoroughly understand the importance of our teeth, they will not get scared to see a dentist.

4. Teach them to cook– let your kids see you baking their favourite muffins. Let them reheat the oven. Teach them to mix the meringue for the chiffon cake. Let them turn on the burner to sear the mirepoix. Teach them to slice the carrots into julienne cuts. Let their fingers touch the hot sauce pans or even get burned. That moment they witness how fun and difficult it is to cook, the greater they will appreciate the food.

5. Make them watch documentary videos– Why would they? Docu videos are eye openers. It shows social issues, negative aspects in general and the reality. It shows real scenes that our kids can’t see around. Let them watch how the poor lives and that how lucky they are to eat 3 times a day and to have their own laptops and other expensive widgets.

6.  Be prepared if any inquisitive arises– even in a very sensitive subject like SEX. If your son asks you about pubic hair then you must give the right responses. If your child asks you about WHAT SEX IS then you must discuss it with him to the extent  of child’s comprehension. Do not despise their curiosity. Don’t just say “You will learn it, in the right time”. You’re such a dumb ass! When is the right time? Word’s are powerful. Whatever you say to your child they accept it as TRUE, they believe in you. Thus, you must give science-based and comprehensive answers.

7. Teach them to remove their shoes whenever they enter other residences– it’s one way of showing respect to others. You must tell your children about this.

8.  Encourage them to read English and Filipino books– A huge part of knowledge comes from reading. Let them spend much time in reading than playing RPG games. If they encounter unfamiliar words, let them browse the meaning in dictionary. Challenge them to learn (not memorize) at least 7 new English words per day and apply those words in any conversations, this is an effective method in enhancing your child’s vocabulary.

9.  Teach them how manage their time– Scheduling is the most efficient device in time management. Set an exact time when will he take shower, what time he must go to bed, how much hour he has to spend  playing outside, how much time for TV shows, time to eat, study and pray. I know this is quite military, but if you will not make your kid practice a discipline, nothing will happen.

10. Listen to your kids– We sometimes don’t understand what they want. They often brag retarded dramas and we still don’t get it. Instead of rising your eyebrows, why not sit down and let them talk, let them to open up. That’s how we fix it, just listen

11. Watch movies eat and laugh out loud- these bonding play a significant role in deepening our relationship with our kids. This is how we strengthen our family tie.  If you are very comfortable in doing crazy stuff with your kids and so they will be much comfortable in spending time at home and even share their secrets to you. For them you’re merely not a parent but great best friend they can count on.

12. Let them play outside– Don’t over guard them. Refrain from your baseless what ifs like ,what if they get bruises,  what if he’s playmate spanks him, what if people outside have contagious diseases, omg what about the germs? This is you, right? Well, don’t get paranoid, you worry too much. Trust your child to do what he wants but remind him about his limits. If you don’t trust your child, how could he trust his self then?

13. Expose your kids to any kinds of outdoor and indoor activities– Bring them to the places which interest them most. Let them sing and dance. Let them swim. Engage them to ball games. Let them learn martial arts or even archery. Let them play musical instruments. Make them listen to music, a Mozart preferably. Let them paint. Let them go camping, errands and mountain climbing. Let them take part in community services. Exposing your child to many activities help them to decide what they want to become someday.

14. Bring your family to the church every Sunday- I highly recommend this. The words of God are pivotal enough to hone their characters as  better persons.

15. Make them go home early for dinner- dinner is the most important meal of the day. While eating you guys can share stories together and laugh at it. You can ask him how he spent his day, how was his new teacher, does he have any homework so on and so forth.

16. Guide them in decision making- let your child decipher his gustoes. Let him choose what will make him happy. Let him stand for what he thinks is right. But in the very least you have to stay beside your child to remind that every action he makes entails responsibility.

17. Disciplinary actions- well this is not necessary, try to head off as possible. However there are some instances that your kids tend to push their limits thinking that you’re too lenient. If he broke your favourite vase because he was rambling around, talk to him. Tell him that you are mad thus he shouldn’t do it again. If your child did something really bad, perhaps that is the time that you can biff him with a whip. Afterwards explain to him that you love him so much. The reason why you hit him is because you want him to remember and learn from his mistakes. Kids are naturally hyper-active (if they eat too much chocolates).-just sayin.

18. Praise their small efforts and progress– If your son can already tie his shoe lace by himself, tell him “Good job”. If he showed you his first painting tell him “This is fantastic”.

19. Make their friends your friends you might be too old to mingle with youngsters but hanging out with your children’s best friends is one of best thing in the world.

 20.Teach them basic accountancy– make your kids value every single centavo. Teach them when and what to buy.  Teach them to liquidate their expenses and present a report for you every month. In this way, they will know where their money went.

21. Speak English at home– well, not all the time. You might disagree with me why should we talk in English hence we live in Philippines. Following that line of argument, speaking English has never been a diminishment of our nationalism. Since when it became a disdainful deed huh? It’s not a crime com’ on!  Learning starts with no certain stage, so why not teach our kids at  very young age. If our child speaks English well, it could be huge advancement ahead. But remember, you still have to share “Tagalog” stories to them, make them appreciate our own language at the same time.

22.Tell them bed time stories– our kids love fantasies. “Tell me a bedtime story!!!” your daughter demanded. “Sure honey, one night there was princess who doesn’t want to go to bed then she died.” LOL. (just kidding) It makes them dream wonderful things, enlightened with optimism and gain moral values.

 23. Don’t give too much money for them– this is our parent’s common mistake. They just give money and that’s it. Our kids spend too much money from rhubarb buys because you give too much peso. Improvise a box wherein they can get their allowances for weekdays. If you have three kids in grade level and you give 55 peso each, then just put 165 peso in it. Let them get their 55’s from the box and check it out afterwards, if the last kid complained there is only 40 peso left in the box then clearly someone among the three cheated.

24. Teach them to share– this is the greatest trait you could ever bestow to your child. If he broke his butter cookie in half and give the other half to his friend, oh man, you have a great son.

25. Tell them to get into troubles–  What a a piece of shit, but this is real. Your kids will never be brave enough if they will not experience troubles. It is part of our lives, troubles help us grow. If they haven’t gone into troubles yet, then how will they learn to get out?

26. Never compare your kids to other kids– Your child is unique in artistic ways. Your son will never be like you neighbors son, so what’s the point of juxtaposing? I know how it feels, this shit hurts so badly.

27. If  your son is gay, embrace him. If your daughter is lesbian, love her –  there is none to get ashamed ofTell your child that you accept him/her regardless of whom they are and that you will protect them against the obnoxious shrewdness of society. Make them understand that being gay, bisexual and lesbian is not a mistake, they didn’t want it either, ponder to their thoughts that they have to take pride on their sexual preferences, that they are wonderful and special in any aspects, that they are not abnormal nor a creep. LGBT are complex to understand. Closed-minded people are still adverse against it. But from all these pitchforks, it is your love that will make them stronger.

28. Make them use “Po and Opo”- every time.
“Pagmamano”-  this word has no English translation (jargon), only in the Philippines. The dwindling number of youngsters who keep the practice of this tradition is disheartening. We must remind our kids to pay respect to elders.

I am no expert in parenting. I don’t have kids yet. I am not even married nor have a girlfriend due to oil price hike. lol. A 19-year-old like me aims to uphold the values of a Filipino family. What drove me to write this article is the strong desire to share the ways on how I was raised by my simple parents in an extraordinary place called HOME.

I hope this writing can somehow help you out there.


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