War at Pinas

DISCLAIMER: I warn you! This article is bias based on my views and opinions about Reproductive Health Bill. I’m a Roman Catholic but doesn’t affect my side.

We are almost at the midpoint of the year, yet the world is tattered of hopes of having peace. From the ongoing unrest Egyptian Revolution, to the Libyan Civil War which was shortly then followed by the Syrian uprising. And now, the Pinas is joining the crisis.

Philippines is in the state of war, a cultural social and religious war. Ever since the bill had been proposed in 1998 and now being consolidated by the House of Representatives Committee on Population and Family Relations, not at moment too soon will the Filipinos ever stop deliberating on the said issue. From black-and-white printed papers to digital medias, Reproductive Health Bill seems to be the headline of today and tommorrow.


***The bill is highly controversial, with experts, academics, religious institutions, and major political figures both supporting and opposing it, often criticizing the government and each other in the process. The issue is so divisive that at one point, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines threatened to excommunicate the President, Benigno Aquino III if he supported the bill.

Here, I lay some serious points concerning the issue — in the Pro side.

  1. In Genesis 1:28, it merely states “God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” In other source, it says,”As for you, be fruitful and multiply; Populate the earth abundantly and multiply in it.” Simply as that, the words of the holy book is clear. The word subdue is defined as to control, restrain and discipline. Apparently, he told the first man and women to multiply on Earth yet CONTROL. It is same as with the second one which is stressed by the word ‘abundant’ which means adequate — adequate enough to fill the world.
  2. Contraceptives doesn’t promote abortion. It even prevents abortion. Let’s state this clear. The major reason why Pinoys tend to do the deed because of unwanted babies. With the help of this bill, it helps women in all ages to halt abortion by having sex safely.If the Church say that using contraceptives takes away life, even just a single drop of human semen, so does that means to say thousands of lives are taken away already?(you know what I mean)
  3. One of the programs of this bill, if ever implemented, is the so-called “Sex Education”. Now, for the record, this doesn’t mean we simply intend to teach the young on how to have sex and to be liberated but somehow we want them to be aware of their physical and sexual self. Mostly children at these age are sexually confused and curious.
  4. Lastly, I myself is a devoted to my religion. I believe in the teachings of the Roman Catholic. It doesn’t simply imply that we are anti-life due to our support for the bill. The reason is that we care not only for ourselves but for the millions of people out there suffering from extreme poverty. The decisions we made are simply based on our understandings and instinct.

It seems that this controversy will continue on for ages. There is no sign of recess on the congress.We haven’t even reach the apex yet.

I have one thing left to say. Let us respect the opinions of others and hope that the decision or outcome of the issue will bring henceforth to the betterment of the society of the Filipinos.

We are a Democracy. We are at War. We are the Boss and the people. Let’s make a move.

Its Only Common Sense

***source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reproductive_Health_bill#Opposing_the_RH_Bill


    • YOur right about that, It doesnt simply mean that those Pro RH bill people are anti-life. It just means that we care for the lives of millions.

  1. Thanks @John and Anton….Can the Catholic Bishop and President of the Philippines go and visit or spend some of their time around Manila?start from elite place like Makati down to Pasig,Tondo,Marikina etc.parts of Manila…Talk,play and eat with these people….oh don’t forget,provinces are waiting for you also!!!!!!

  2. @remely i agree. There should be a separation between religion and state. kasi parang pinapamukha satin ng simbahan na walang utak ang mga mamayam ng pinas magdesisyon kung ano ang ikauunlad ng pinas IMO ONLY

  3. …hangang ngayon ay nakikialam ang Catholic priests sa political matters ng Pilipinas!…sino ba ang mas may mataas ang position at mag isip para sa ikabubuti ng taong bayan?ang pari ba o ang pangulo ng bansa?Catholic religion and its preists only in the Phillipines are misguiding,misleading and controlling Catholics in the country not only their faith but also their fate!

    • And what’s making it worse is the fact that THESE priests are having sermons that touches on RH Bill. I mean, Tama ba na lasonin tayo ng opinions ng ibang tao? (Mind you, im a catholic and doesnt mean I’m disregarding it)

  4. I agree with you completely… The government and the church should know their role in the society and they should balance out their power for the country’s sake.

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