Wake up! You are now in College

books photo  Cheers up!!! High School is over, face palm another chapter will test our   patience again.
“Every ending is a new beginning”. That’s right December 31, another year January 1, elementary then high school, it’s not yet over because college is next, by the way before continuing, why do we need to study? You would definitely answer, “to give myself a better future”. Hands Clap, that’s right.

After classes go hangout, go to anyone’s house, bonding with teachers, eating street foods, exchange of stories and gossips, laughter, and stresses but worth it. Do you miss all of those? if “yes” you absolutely had a great high school experience, if your answer is “no” there is something wrong or you are not ready for your future, that’s how simple it works.

Let me give you a situation, if all of the things you miss most is “laughter” then definitely you enjoyed high school in ups and in downs, and had seen all problems with their best solutions. If you are bit emotional on your high school graduation, maybe you are a family to be called in High School, a stick that do not bend, a light that is always present, and a “champorado” paired with “tuyo, remember “champorado” will not be perfect without its best partner “tuyo”.

New friends, new school, new faces, new attitudes, new lifestyle, new looks, and probably new feelings, we see all of these situations mostly in Freshmen Students, everything new, like a video game that was reset, you will back to the start. Far from home, far from you used before, but remember you are going far so that the dreams you just imagine before will move nearer and nearer to you. If you feel you are alone because of the things you miss, if you feel you’re a newbie in life, that’s normal, take note that a seed is just a seed but later on will become a tree. No one was born a Doctor, an Engineer, a Psychologist, nor a Lawyer, of course they all started at the bottom, 1 follows 2, 2 follows 3 and so on. That’s how simple it rolls.

Stresses, problems, lack of sleep, and insecurities, that’s what you feel most in your college life. Waking up too early to cook food,  scan notes early in the morning, got low grades even if you did well studying, no solution for problems, if you experience it all it means you are doing well because you will just start everything hard before ending up easy, Burj Khaifa will not be built until foundation was built.

 Your parents sent you away from them to inch by inch build things they had expected from you and at the same time to test you on how to work independently, you have already your age everything has its ending, maybe one day the one that sustains you will die. If you feel nervous at the start because of low grades or anything that would make them angry, its a big OK, because it means you are just conscious, you are really finding your way to struggle hard in what they want you to do and of course trying to lift up yourself without them.

Being conscious in what would be the possible things they would tell you, will make you twice, thrice nervous, the best way don’t think of it, it will be the one which will give you stresses and not to continue anymore, the more you think negative things the more you give yourself despair. Take note dedicated persons do not have “laziness”, “despair”, and “lose” in their vocabulary, but they have them the meaning of heart and passion and how to imply.

Moving on in high school is like a greenhorn in bicycle, ika nga masesemplang ka muna bago matuto, moving on is not as fast as speed of light nor speed of sound, it will take a time to lift yourself from memories, you are going emotional because we always say  “pinakamasaya ang high school”, take note you are now in college it’s better to say “mas masaya sa college”, because if you will keep on telling high school is better, you will absolutely forget where you are now.

Let’s make things simple, in gamble if you lose definitely you will not be paid back, that’s why all you have to do is to admit and the best thing move on. In verb tenses there are three, the present, the past, and the future, let me connect these three words “in order for us  to have an above future we must forget mistakes in the past and think about the thing you must accomplish to replace mistakes in a very present time”. No one will tell you that your hair is already below the belt unless you see it by then.

The acronym F-A-M-E, Friends, Actions, Memories, and now Entity, are you emotional when you reminisce those things? when you miss your friends together with it are memories. If you will try to realize everything college is the start of separation, college a signboard and a strong signal direct to our future, everyone requires it anyway, no one will just enjoy their whole lives with their friends, rather you will just temporarily leave them to put your dreams in your hands, yet they will always be your friends.

Time really travels fast you cannot make it slow nor hold it for a while instead you will just let it pass, but as it pass by there must also a lesson for you to take, that life is like a ball-pen, ball-pens are used only for a short period of time, it’s ink is not infinite, you will just notice that it’s ink has gone without considering how long it worked.

Inspiration plus dedication, carry it in your college life you will not regret carrying it. Inspiration, thing that pushes us to make better things into its best, a motivation that makes us confident in what we do. Dedication, a must-possessed characteristic, “pagpupursige”, in tagalog, “go”, push until something happens, continue in the most difficult part, remember try and try until you succeed.

In college, think of time, you cannot bring it back, nor hold it for a while, just think of what college is meant for you, think how to spell out the word “college” with dedication and putting heart on it. World is just small you can find challenges with both failures and success, but take note failures first before success, and always remember actions can speak louder than words or by just thinking it, do not just think and think of success but JUST DO IT also.

Life will not be sad and happy without emotions, and life will not be successful without failures to consider.

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