Wake Up, Hate


I’m shutting my eyes tight, so everything goes black. And when darkness is everywhere I see myself standing in front of the mirror, a mirror that reminds me of you, of how you touched this life and suddenly tor it apart.

I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it actually does.

I can’t help it. It’s always haunting me. I hear voices inside my head telling me to cut and feel the blood flowing through my veins.

Blood falls, touches my foot as I look down, and I see demons from underneath telling me that I’m not alone, so I began to walk and walk.

Familiar faces from the past are laughing, pointing every finger at me and suddenly fading, an awful loneliness sank in.

They had tossed me aside like a piece of garbage. And now I’m only left with this hate, trying to get out all of my pain and suffering, I should have hated everything, but I ended  hating myself.

This demon forcing me, beating me, telling me to hurt myself. The hate in me awakened and I’m getting worse and worse. I thought these demons were my friends, eating me in the end.

Hate! is all I feel right now, I am the burden of my own life, no more happiness. I wanna break everything. Is there a right way to being strong while sitting alone in this dark, aching for you, my Darling?

Reveal that scars from the past, my heart has borne the wounds of that moment. It’s hard for me to breath; my world has been smothered by this hate, full of darkness. I know it’s wrong, but what else I can do, they’re consuming me and I can’t resist it.  That this is my agony, that I found my soul in the abyss of darkness and hear me screaming in despair.

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