[Viral video] Warriors on sticks and strings table game amazes online users

  • Viral video of two boys playing a table game of warriors on stick
  • Online users admired the game which was described as creative and so entertaining

There’s a video of two boys playing with stick warriors on a table and it has gotten viral in just a few hours.

The Facebook page Clips Like shared the video which shows two young boys obviously enjoying their table game of fighting warriors on sticks and strings. From the sound of people talking and laughing, it looks like they’re from Thailand.

Online users are enjoying watching this clip; especially seeing how the boys are enjoying their simple table game of stick warriors.  Comments are nearly reaching 4,000 and views have soared to more than 16 million! Just wow!

Images via Clips Like Facebook page

People are admiring the creativity and the sheer fun being derived from playing the game. It was also described as simple fun minus computer gaming; definitely cheaper.

Some even wondered how those warriors were done or how they were played; being made to move.

Here are a few reactions:

This is creativity!! Kudos to the one who created this.

This is awesome game!… Wish i can make one!…

No need to play mobile ligend haha

Better fight than Floyd Vs Manny…

Some even tried to explain how the stick warriors were done:

Definitely strings. Once you pull the strings, the wood pieces tend to connect and fit with each other in a vertical line causing the figures to stand.

Just strings or rubber bands, shirt buttons and hollowed out bamboo or reed.

A couple of bamboo twigs or straws, some washers and a string…. The rest is up to you to do.

Just some string and hollowed out sticks. they used washers as their feet…man, whoever made this is clever.

It’s not washer, it’s a plastic buttons.

They used the “swords” as a tying point of two strings, fed them both into the arms, then body, then through separate legs and use washers as feet. hold on, imma build this right now…

Very clever! I believe it’s similar principle to the old toys.

Meanwhile, here’s that viral clip for you to watch and enjoy, too. But the thrill doesn’t end here.

So many got curious and asked how it’s done!

Well, Sata Production on YouTube shows us how it’s done with pencil and bamboo. Looks easy, right?