Victims of Love (My Voice for Her)

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How many times have you fallen in love? How many times have you failed to get what you really want, in the name of love? Did they love you as you loved them, or you held on for of the sake of your long relationship that you didn’t want to lose? It’s hard, right? Because we are all victims of this  so-called “Love”.

In my twenty three years of existence in this world, I felt like being alone every time  my love one wants to break away from me. I don’t know the reason; the only thing I know is that I’m ready to give my all even in my worst downfall.  I’m willing to open my door to all possibilities that  may come across in the near future, and if God will allow us to have our relationship  forever. But in the end, I’m the loser.

I know the feeling of being hurt, because of the past relationship that I had. You know the feeling of being left in center of your relationship where you don’t know the reason  at all, but the only thing that you have to do is to accept the fact that you were left alone by the one that you love.

Love comes, love goes. But the feeling is still in my heart. I know it’s over, but there’s a part of me that hasn’t change since my love left me.  I don’t know if it’s still right to come along with her, but the moment that we’ve been together, it’s like what we are before when we are together.

I still believe that someday, even in my dreams I’ll have her again. Because having her around me is like no other. I always ask myself what’s the reason why she left  me. Because, it’s hard to go on each day and live my life, as if I have her again.

I feel all the pain after she left me. Because I don’t remember any bad day when we were still together. Even simple jealousy didn’t exist. That’s why those good memories fill my mind; I always remember and it’s too painful.  What else I can do? I’m a victim of love and that’s real.

For now, I can only let the pain stay in my heart, until she comes back, if she comes back at all. I will let this pain be the sunshine every time the rain comes falling. Because I don’t know if there’s another way; the only thing that I know is that, this pain in my heart is the only way to have her again. If that’s the only way, if there’s no other way, I will let the pain stay in my heart.


  1. It’s not the pain you have to keep but all the beautiful memories you’ve had from this relationship, and all the lessons that the pain has taught you. If you’d keep on playing with the scar, the wound would never heal. (Sume-seriously si Ate Net. ^_^).

  2. anlalim ng pinaghuhugutan ah. :(.. ok lang yan. life goes one..”If that’s the only way, if there’s no other way, I will let the pain stay in my heart.” but nurturing the pain inside your heart will just keep you from feeling anything else because pain occupies a lot of space… (ano daw>!) keri lang

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