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Verde View Villas is the newest and most relaxing boutique resort in Puerto Galera, Philippines.Constructed on top of a hill to achieve the best view of Puerto Galera, its surroundings and the heart warming sunset and sunrise.Verde View Villas is a very serene, quiet and peaceful location.Our place is perfect for couples or family trips wherein you can watch the sunset and sunrise rising and setting through the horizon.You can do lots of activities here like scuba diving, snorkeling and not just ocean activities but also mountain adventures.

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is the cleanest and newest you will ever see in Puerto Galera. Being cleaned and maintained everyday to ensure the best swimming experience. Our swimming pool is also capable for “Scuba Diving” training.

Why Choose Puerto Galera?

Puerto Galera is the nearest island getaway from Manila. It is awarded as the most beautiful bay in the world. Whether you are looking for a place to relax or a place where you can spend your day being indulged in numerous sea and land escapade and be back on the city night life once the sun sets then Puerto Galera is the right place for your getaway. This place has a lot more to offer aside from the beautiful beaches that it is already well known off. During the night, the shores of Puerto Galera’s beaches are filled with party lights. Among these shores are Sabang Beach and White Beach.

This place also has a large area of rain forest where the natives live and continues to practice their old cultures. These people are called the “Mangyans”, they are the people who live on the mountains of Puerto Galera. You will be delighted to see how hospitable these people are when you try to hike through the rain forested mountains of Puerto Galera.

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Villa in Puerto Galera, Philippines. Verde View Villas is a relaxing place to enjoy time away from the city. Spectacular views with ocean access to go snorkeling and see corals and fish. Home grown vegetables and herbs cooked by our in house staff. Everything you want on a vacation

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