Veni; Vidi; Didici (I Came; I Saw; I Learned)


I have only lived for more than two decades but I feel like I have seen and experienced a lot of discrimination/ prejudice/ cruelty. I have come to realize that there are more narrow-minded unmannered people outside my country. (Well, I mean no offense to anyone).

I came to this place where people hardly accept their own mistakes, often blame others for their wrong doings and favor people of the same race. I came to this place where one works like a slave with almost no time to eat and tinkle, where one keeps sowing while others just harvest.

I came to this place where the boss is faultless and always right and the employees are always wrong and can barely air their grievances. I came to this place where you can trust no one and believe no one.

I came to the wrong place I guess. My country is not rich but there you are free; a stranger is never a stranger; a foreigner feels welcome and right at home. Our people are not well-heeled but they have OPEN MINDS, GOOD MANNERS and KIND HEARTS. They know how to treat people the way they deserve to be treated.

We may not have a thousand barrels of oil but we have thousands of hardworking creative resourceful versatile men (plus we do not smell like onions, chicken curry or armpits, pardon my words).

Before I came to this place, I thought we were just an ordinary nation but I was absolutely wrong. Now I know that we are extraordinary and one of the best nations in the whole wide world. (Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not bragging. I am just proud of my/our own race).

It is a shame that I am here, making a living, benefiting from their wealth. Nevertheless, I am still blessed and grateful to step out of my comfort zone for a while, be more mature, strong and independent.

Soon I will leave this place and be relieved from stress, suffering and mistreatment. Fate dumped me here to have a deeper understanding of life, humanity and the real world. I will not probably miss this place and its people but I will never ever forget the great lessons I have learned during this weird painstaking journey.


About elagracesolinap

Ela Grace is a science teacher by profession. She served as editor-in-chief during her high school years and was appointed news editor of her university newspaper. She was "always at the top of her class." She considers herself not an educator but a fellow student in the school of life. Her writings usually center on life and reality. She writes under her pseudonyms Ezaril and Wisdom. (Please feel free to visit her blog