US, Against the World

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Billions of people are suffering from hardship in life.

As we pass by the streets we can see people who try their best to surpass the hardships that world has given to them.

As I walk to the path of life, I already encountered plenty of hardships; being a single mom was not easy.

I struggled from the criticism of the people around me because of the early stage of pregnancy, that’s when I realized that in this world if you’re weak, you are nothing, the time I started to ask myself. What should I do to change the mistakes I’ve done? If I can survive this world even though hardships come my way.

As I grow up I realized that I shouldn’t be weak to face the trials that the world has given me. Rather, make these things as your stepping stones to be successful in life. I see people on the streets and I still feel blessed because even though  I started from the scratch I still can provide the things for my children.


Poverty is one of the biggest problems here in my country. You need to struggle a lot just to make a living for your family. As you  walk down the streets, you can see people who are struggling to make their life easier. You can see vendors along the road who give their best to survive every day and the sad part is some people choose to do dirty living just to provide for the needs of their family.

They force themselves to do bad things because they need to eat for a day. Some of them feel hopeless as they see their comforts zone thru drugs. Many lives have been broken as they don’t know how to escape the problems the world had given to them. What can we do to change these things?

I think that if the government uses its power to help the people who are under their jurisdiction it can change everything. If there’s no corruption and they only think of the welfare of their people, better things would happen.

Here in my country corruption is the numbertop  one reason why poverty persists. If the higher officials would go to watch what’s happening in this country they will know what the real problems are, and people doing bad things just to make a living for their families. Lack of education because they can’t afford to sustain the education of their children or their source of living is only enough to barely feed their families.

Hence, many parents choose to leave their children just to give them a better future as OFWs. Some mothers even go abroad to work as maids and many are suffering because of discrimination. Try to think of it?

Years past the same problem continues.

Is it the governbment’s fault? The people’s lack of effort and determination?

If only people would realize that if we help each other we can solve this problem. If only people could understand the real situation of the country perhaps we would have a better chance to have a better world.


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