Unwavering Dreams

Image by Sasint via Pixabat

My thoughts are always about going out to travel and explore nature more.

I don’t know why, but nature always have this attracting sensation that pulls me to it.

I know I do not have the funds to provide me this pleasureful activity. Wanting to start even just one place a year, saving enough in order for me to go there without me getting broke AF.

Some would say that it’s all about having leisure time, so just go and have fun.

For me, it’s different, it gives me a great peace inside; being awestruck with the wonderful view, created by no one but God.

Every place is worth it.

I may lose a lot, or a little, varying from my budget to get it more lesser. Yet in the end, same satisfaction will be felt as I say to myself… I made it!

Image by Sasint via Pixabat
Image by Sasint via Pixabat

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