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Allow yourself to feel, but know when to stop. You are allowed to feel, and sometimes also allowed to hurt, but know where to draw the line. Limits and boundaries aren’t always bad.

Don’t be harsh, or selfish, or callous, or uncaring. Try as much not to be any of those things. It pays to care.

Be soft, and yet firm. Be kinder even to yourself, and learn to forgive.

Allow yourself to heal. No matter how slow. Give yourself time and space. Breathe deep, and often.

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We live in the moment, and should take as much as we can (savor it, take a chance — or you can spare yourself if you find it a better option).

Too much of something can always cause harm. Even Love.

Remember the cliche that not all that glitter is gold. Yolks are golden, too. Even good intentions can cause bad outcome, and one should never expect too much (if at all).

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Life is mostly made of lessons and unexpected surprises, and not all of it is pleasant.

Change truly is inevitable and nothing is meant to last a lifetime.

Even the gentlest force can kill, given the right provocation. The gentle wind that lulls you to sleep can be the same wind that stirs a hurricane. Same thing that Love can be a savage beast. And Time can be unforgiving. Both, at times, won’t take prisoners and won’t let anybody win.

Be careful with your thoughts and your heart. The mind falls a slave to worries and hearts can break bad. Don’t always follow the latter. You were given a soul, and mind, for a purpose — to make better choices. Find harmony and balance, use all three.

Above all, remember that Faith creates miracles. It literally moves mountains. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose Faith. And don’t lose yourself.


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