Whether I am in love or brokenhearted, I see to it that I recognize my own depth, follow my own bliss and allow my heart to always discover its own sense of purpose.

It is only then that I can live life with a sense of direction, not afraid of being lost, because I know where I am going. I know where my heart is leading me, because I AM THE ONE HOLDING THE KEY.

I am the one responsible over my own happiness. No one else.

The secret is, we have to learn to let go, forgive and commit ourselves back to our own selves. Because if there is someone who needs all of your loving and pampering, it’s YOU.

You very well know what you needed in the first place, so why deprive yourself?

Besides, no one can tell you what it is going to be if you won’t grab that key and unlock your heart.

Don’t you think it’s way too late to be happy? To be free?

Unless you do it now, you’ll never know. But please, don’t let the chance slip away without even trying.

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