Unleashing The Power of Balance

Power of Balance (Photo Credit: Flickr)
Power of Balance (Photo Credit: Flickr)
Power of Balance    (Photo Credit:    Flickr)
Power of Balance (Photo Credit: Flickr)

The fast-paced and technology-driven life has often made living stressful and compromising. People work so hard in trying to achieve specific goals and aims in their life that they forget the purpose of their existence and often get out of balance.

From students to working professionals, it is easy to get life out of control and conversely difficult to get back on track. These imbalances in life more often than not affect not only one aspect of our lives but, in fact have a knock on effect which affects the rest of our life. The “Power of Balance” (published by Primoris Limited) by Clint Mendoza offers insights and advice related to this dilemma.

Power of Balance was written to enlighten people on the precariousness of life and to help them achieve a balanced lifestyle. It teaches new principles and concepts which can help change their perspective of work and life in general. The book aims to open the minds of the reader on the various aspects of life and living which eventually makes up a successful and happy life. The author explores around the norms and encourages the readers to live life to the fullest.

The Power of Balance further persuades us to identify our “personal beliefs” and aids us in making the right daily choices. Our success (or failure) is often the compounded results of our daily choices in life. It endeavors to empower us with a balanced self which we eventually need to expand outwards thereby harnessing the unlimited power of balance.

The Power of Balance criticizes negative behavior and attitude as hindrances to a happy and successful life.

author:  Michael Duque