Unexpected Love

Hi Kaye 🙂

This isn’t the first blog I wrote.

Ok. let’s start the story, the first time I saw you was on PGT, but you didn’t catch my attention on that episode and I didn’t even know that you’re a girl coz I thought you were’nt a girl because of your deep and manly voice, but when I saw your “Isang araw” music video on MYX it was a nice song, I found you homesome and attractive. but seriously your “Nyebe” song really captured my heart, and the way you sang that song it’s really from your heart and you really feel the story behind that song.

My sister started to like you, she follows you on your social media account, she even download all your covers. Funny too that she influenced me. I don’t know when I started liking and admiring you but all I know is that I fell for you and for your songs. This isn’t the first time that I admired a girl, actually some of my past relationships are girls. And also I have a “GIRLFRIEND” now and she’s jealous because of you. HAHAHA.

Kaye, you know what? you’re the first person na pinakilig ako through songs and strumming your guitar, grabe kinikilig talaga ako pag naririnig ko ‘yung mga songs mo, ‘yung mapapangiti ka nang ‘di oras dahil sa magandang boses na naririnig mo. You’re my stress reliever, Kaye, because even if my day is not good it turns out to be okay every time I listen to your songs. I always bring with me my earphones so that I can listen to all your song anytime and anywhere.

I’ve watched all your interviews and guesting, but it caught my attention when someone asked you about your lovelife, I feel you and also that girl, it’s forbidden love pero wala tayong magagawa kasi nagmamahal lang tayo, sinusunod lang natin yung tibok ng puso natin. Pero Kaye, you deserve to be loved back by someone you love, fight for her if she’s worth the shot, Kaye, and let her to fight for you too no matter what happens and hopefully that LUCKY girl will love you UNCONDITIONALLY and UNSTOPPABLE. But I/we know that you are mature enough to do what is right and wrong. We’re just here to support and love you no matter what happens. Continue to make people happy and inspired, Kaye, may God bless you always and your family, may you have a successful career in life and fulfill all your dreams.

Hopefully someday we can meet and I can hug you tightly 🙂 madami pa sana akong sasabihin pero next na lang siguro:) thank you so much, Kaye, for making us happy and inspired. We love you so much :*

~ Loving you is like chasing the sun 🙂

R. Dalayon

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