Under the Shed of the lone Acacia tree

After reading this short story, assess yourself and asked these questions to yourself. How can you differ the three men from each other and lastly what do you think this story is about. let’s make reading fun.  

They were brought together by the cold harsh weather. All three men wearing the same ragged donkey coat, made of dark and thick wool, lit up their cigarettes to calm their empty stomachs and rest their drained bodies. Each men has three cigarettes left which they have been saving since morning. With the night almost nearing, they decided to stay under the shed of the lone Acacia tree beside the busy street before going home.  

They gather all of it’s forgotten branches and fallen leaves and set it on fire. They warm themselves up and sat down. Their faces shows traces of tiredness and their body has become more fragile in the course of time. But it’s just their appearance, their spirit is as strong as a jockey horses, Running to stay alive but never reached their freedom.

With only a few coins left inside their pockets they decided to keep it rather than buying themselves some food. They are keeping it to buy their wives and children pieces of bread for dinner. It is reasonable for these men to smell like the foul smell of the fish market. With that said, they don’t seem to mind that fact ever since they were able to play and wander with life. People walking passed them, cover their nose and looked at them as if they smell a garbage. Garbage! yes, society thinks they are garbage and waste of human life, a breathing creature which God wasn’t able to perfect to the likes of the middle class or the elite. These three men, born out of luck, born out of the grudges of the world. Getting spit at because of what they have become.

It’s their fault that they have become like that, they should at least find one decent job! What an awful, poor thing to exist”Said from the wicked mouth of a young woman to the other, walking passed the three men. She might look like a saint, but her inside is similar to a rotten corpse or worst. The three men all heard what the young woman said even if it’s just a whisper. Never have the guts to stand up for themselves just because they are too tired to vindicate themselves from these kind of person. Well, cruel life did teach them well on how to deal with it, they are so used to it they just laugh as if it’s nothing. “Go to hell” The old man said with his peers as he chuckle and puffed his cigarette back to his burnt lips. “Hell?” asked the young adult of the group. “Will surely wait for them to step into our world, then all will have a lovely happy ending” The young adult said as he ends his sentence with a big laugh. Referring to their place in the society as hell. It’s always been unfair for them to be destined in one position they know they won’t be able change. Not because they don’t know how or they can’t, but because this brutal society of silver spoons never allowed them. No matter how much they work hard in life, they weren’t given fair education to increase their knowledge for them to obtain a high position. That was visibly neglected.

Was wondering though…” Said the quiet middle age man as he lit up another cigarette with his rusty lighter, “What is exactly a decent job?” he asked while the other two men was silenced by the question. They both lit up another cigarette and think about the answer. They both have the answer but didn’t want to speak up. Afraid to be judge by the other, afraid to go against the others beliefs so they stay in silent. “Does your silence means that both of you agrees with her?” The man asked his peers, looking disappointed. The old man laughed and the young adult stood up. “So what? What she said is true anyway. I don’t have a decent job that is why I become like this. I, you and him are all failures! That is WHAT they think of us. Right old man?” Asked the young adult man looking defensive. “I am born as it is, I will die the same” Answered the old man as he also stood up and about to leave. It is the harsh reality, they cannot demand what kind of work they should do. As they don’t have the qualifications to do so. They may be low lives but they chose not to blame their fate to their parents or to their ancestors. It’s the life they chose to be in just because it’s the most comfortable one. The middle age man stayed under the shed, pondering to the words of the other two men.

People in the streets are now rushing to go home as the night covers their surroundings. The old man and the young adult are almost done puffing their cigarettes. They are getting ready to leave and go home to their family “My wife and child are waiting for me. I will go now said the old man. He left the other two behind without looking back. “That old man is wise but he is nearing death to be conscious about what his life is now” Said the young adult to the other.The young adult appears to be more calm and reserve now than a while ago. He sat down again and ask the middle age man for a light. “We don’t have blood in our hands, what we have in our hands are rust, dirt and dust. It’s just what we have to do for a living” He told the middle age man. The other smiled at the young adult and give him a pat in the back without saying anything. For the young It’s an act assuring him that It’s okay.

After a few more minutes of staying there, both men stood up and walked with each other. They feel so much lighter, better than before. They are now going back to their home with a smile on their faces knowing that they have a family to go home to. They might be poor but they are rich with love and contented with what they have. They don’t need to ask for any approval from anyone on how they are suppose to live their lives as long as they are not doing anything wrong. They will sleep with a clear conscience along side with their love ones and wake up and make a living. Its simple but there is always a reason for everything.

See you tomorrow bro!” Screamed the middle age man to the young. They went to a separate lanes as the street light flicker as they passed by and soon their shadows are nowhere in sight. The busy street full of \passers by, now looks like an abandoned street.

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