Unattainable Love in the Internet: Would you love someone for the heck of it, while it is clear, it will Just remain in the Internet — though you are both in love

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Loving someone just because you like what you see — is a kind of emotional surrender that has no reasonable basis.

Is it entirely wrong? Should you deny yourself the joy of loving,and enjoying someone’s love just because you know, the two of you will never happen?

Will you let yourself be sucked in on a relationship based solely on strong emotional connection?

You are attracted  to his facial features, endearing smiles and great personality based on only few chats.

People may say, you only like him because he is extremely good looking. But you know there are thousands of other good looking people in the internet,but you never felt drawn to another  in a way that makes you feel helpless, the way he does. You are stirred beyond your control and you are losing sleep over him and when you are wide awake – it is him who still occupies your waking hours.

A person you hardly know, captured your heart.

However, does it matter when both of you are smitten? As if you know his soul –but not his body.

It revolves around what you see, what you want to believe, and not what you know about the person. You rely on his photos and your constant webcam chats. That is all you know of the person and it does not matter to you.

You are in love, infatuated, under spell, calling it anything you want – but it happened. And you decided you want to make a go for it.

I say… why not – if it does not harm you. Nevertheless, be ready to get hurt.

There are relationships that cannot go beyond the internet, and that is the bitter truth. These relationships stay in the internet. No plans and no real life meeting between the two of you will ever happen, and both of you are aware of it, although you never spoke of it.

You are both in your point in life, where you cannot change your current situation to accommodate your feelings for each other, IT IS SIMPLY UNATTAINABLE (If you are both married, I unequivocally suggest for you to stop. It is a train wreck waiting to happen.)

However, for the singles, which are matured, it is perfectly all right to have this kind of relationship once in your life.

There are myriad of emotions that are involved in this kind of relationship. It can build your self-esteem if handled carefully, and trains you to control aspect of your emotions.

Just be careful not to overdo to the point that you have already become an expert in manipulating other people’s emotions as well as yours.

These are fun experiences that can teach you many things that are not keenly observed in real life relationships.

Since all you do is talk face to face all the time, you notices facial reactions, a blush, the frowning, when he look away, when he pouts his lips, raise his eyebrows – these things are observable expressions that make little things seem bigger.

You tend to focus more, so your feelings become more centered because there are no distractions when you are together. You learn to be patient and understanding of the other person’s time and availability as well.

Your communication skills are tested, as every little word and phrases are weighed to make every encounter rewarding.

The key that makes these relationships extremely exciting is the belief that someone you cannot attain in the real world – pays attention to you and loves you.

People would ask; why go through emotional torture if you will not ever meet the person.

Life situations are not perfect, and when the joke is on you, as how the song goes –you have to be able make the most of it, and maintain a good sense of reality.

Only invest on what you are willing to lose. Time and emotions are the most common things people invest in strictly online relationship. There are no returns on this one.

Go ahead and love. Enjoy the moment — as long as you know when to stop.

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  1. Relationship be it formed via internet or not entails a risk to take. It takes 2 people to tango so how couples form and manage their relationship determines its success or failure whether they met on the internet, on a dating site, in the park, in the school etc. The one good thing about forming a relationship on the net is that both parties are willing to spend time to chat/talk, to know each other, to share each other’s thoughts on a regular basis .. something that other couples who are physically together often miss to do.

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