Turn Sadness into Gladness: POSITIVITY OVERLOAD

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Not all prayers are answered. Not all wishes do come true. Not all endings are happy. And not all plans fall into place. I didn’t start 2016 with a bang. I started it with worry. It was in January when Tatay’s condition worsened. Until he left us in April. I went from one medical check-up to another practically the whole year. Discovering one medical problem after another. Not to mention the never ending financial issues we (hubby and I) have been experiencing. We are at the verge of losing something we have been trying to maintain for years. And not to mention that behind my sweet smile is a broken heart caused by persons close to me.

Sadness is just one of the many emotions I have felt this year. But you know, I am determined to end my year with a thought that everything that happened, happened for a reason.

I am still thankful and grateful.

Because I am still alive.

And amidst all the troubles, I have my husband, children, and real friends behind me. To remind me that I am still blessed. So, I started to turn all the negatives into positives.

Whenever I feel sad for Tatay’s loss, I tell myself that Tatay is now in a better place. No more pain. And yes, I would rather feel sad right now than see him suffering physically. And my medical issues? Thank God that I discovered them early and I can do something to cure them.

My financial problems are just a test for me and my husband. The situation made us stronger as a couple. We became appreciative of what we have and be contented with it. And whatever we are bound to lose materially, we can still have them in the future. We can still start all over again. And the broken relationships with persons close to me? I have already reached out and asked them forgiveness if ever I have hurt them or have done something to offend them. If they will forgive me or not, is beyond my power.

What makes me happy is that I have done my part. I have done what is right. I have also forgiven those who hurt me. Though I have not received any apology. No problem. I am sure that in my heart, I am free of hatred.

I have learned not to blame 2016 for everything that happened to me. It could have happened any year. It will happen if it is bound to happen. I can make a blueprint of my life plan the way I imagined and wanted it to be but, it is still God’s will which will prevail.

I am looking at life in a different perspective right now. Positive. Grateful. Life is too short for me to pity myself. I do not want to waste my energy in hating people and situations. I will use my lifetime to achieve happiness not only for me but  also for others. Yeah…it is easier said than done. I heard you. I heard myself, too. Nonetheless, I have decided  to face life with a smile.

And so, like all of you, I am so excited to welcome 2017 with all my hopes and wishes but with the knowledge that God’s plan is still the most  powerful one.

A positive New Year to everyone!  ^_^

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